A Guide To Ibiza& The Things You Can Do Here

Ibiza is, without a doubt, a piece of paradise. The beautiful sceneries in here,the excellent landscapes, the contrasting lifestyles in different parts of the same island, the liveliness and also the slowdown in the lap of nature. All these things and experiences are unmatchable in every sense. Spending a day in Ibiza is nothing like anything.   

There is a saying that Ibiza never sleeps. While that might be true,  given the clubbing and partying people do, the heavy tourism through the year around do indicate that. But even if it is the most active place, it does rest. Just having a moment to yourself here in the morning. No alarm clocks, and witnessing the hours go by but you are still at the same place. Just you and the peaceful natural surrounding. It is such a heavenly feeling and you will not want to trade it with anything.

Yes, the first thing that comes to your mind with the name Ibiza, is parties and clubs. And that may be not completely wrong to think that way. Yet, Ibiza is not just about parties and clubbing. This place has a lot more to offer. And all the things will also make you understand why Ibiza can be a great option for a vacation.

Lesser Known Spots of Ibiza

While Ibiza is more popular for the beaches it surrounds itself with. And you are going to find the majority of the tourist crowd there. Still there are some lesser known or less visited spots, this place has to offer and you are going to fall in love with.

Es Vedra: It is an isolated rock in the southwestern coast of Ibiza. This is known for its magical magnetic power. The locals think it is linked to something spiritual. In fact, this spot is associated with a myth of it being a home of Gods/Goddesses or sea nymphs. Even if you don’t believe in such myths, this spot- three hours of boat ride away is a must visit. 

Guide To Ibiza

Hippy Market of Es Canar: The hippy market, also known as Punta Arabi hippy market is one of the best places to shop from. You are going to find a ton of hippy clothes, tasty food stalls and unique jewellery every wednesdays. It even has a zone that is dedicated to the children. This market is towards the east coast of Ibiza, 20 kms away from Ibiza town.

Guide To Ibiza

The Old Walled Town Of Ibiza: The old town or Dalt Vila is a fortress made of sandstones.  This was built to keep the invaders away from the city, especially pirates. This is the best place to visit for a history lover. Entering the ancient gate of this place is like travelling to the ancient time. You may also find some of the old age remains in the town, further giving you feelings of the ancient glory.

Guide To Ibiza

San Juan Village:  The village of San Juan in Ibiza is one of the places most untouched by outsiders or tourists. You are not going to find any presence of foreign enterprises. Yes, you read it correctly. It is a brand-free zone. Meaning everything you find here is local and authentic. For that you need to visit the Sunday market organised here. You are sure going to have a valuable time here and a great experience too.

Guide To Ibiza

CAP D’ES FALCO: CAP D’ES FALCO is towering above the sea level  at 136 metres. It is also a land of a wide variety of birds, so you can go bird hunting here. This is also a great place to go for a trek. However, you must not go without proper equipment and guidance. It may be difficult but the scenery you’ll get at the end will be worth the difficulties.

Puig des Molins: It translates to “the hills of windmills”. This place is located near the old town and is a World Heritage Site of UNESCO. It is a place of ruins and tombstones. You can even step into one of the tombs here. This place is mostly visited and taken by archeologists or people interested in these things. Around 3000 tombs are estimated to be located here.

Guide To Ibiza

C’an Marça Caves: These caves are located towards the north of the island. If you want to have a break from the summer heat then head out for these caves, because it is pretty from inside. You can have a tour around these caves and enjoy the stunning light show around an artificial waterfall. 

Guide To Ibiza

Activities to do in Ibiza

Most of the time all around the year, the weather is quite pleasant for any kind of activities on this island. And you are not going to have much problems with doing any activity. Infact, you are sure to not have free time to sit unless you absolutely want to as you will be having a number of activities to try. 

Due to the innumerable number of beaches, you are going to have many opportunities for snorkelling, deep sea diving and water sports. The perfect tracks in towns and villages makes it ideal for hiking, driving, cycling or just having a walk by the streets.

Family Activities

Even if the majority of crowds are of bachelors or friends arriving there for a party and clubbings, or getting a tan on the beach. There is enough activity here to entertain and keep families occupied, especially for children. The Balearic Islands are also having a great architecture, museums and heritage sites. So you will have ample of things to explore and know about things along with your family. There are also routes and terrains in the north side of the island to go for hiking, pedaling or cycling. Children may enjoy numerous boat rides as well. Ses Salines, Cala Tarida and Cala Nova are some of the family friendly beaches here. 

A Solo Trip

You can enjoy all these even if you are without a companion. It will just be the same and you sure are going to get adventurous. Have a visit to some instagrammable places like Mirador de Cala D’hort, Cala Tarida, Sunset Strip San Antonio, and Cala Compte. Solo trip will help you improve your skills and make you more courageous and confident. Go shopping, Grab a bite in a restaurant with great views, Relax in a spa, Go to the movies, or to a bowling alley, or Visit a winery. You sure won’t get bored by yourself.


You will get some really delicious food on this island. There are a number of waterfront restaurants like  Sa Calma and a variety of seafood delicacies to try out. Accompanied with wine and some entertainment, it is a fruitful experience. While you are at it, be sure to grab a plate of authentic seafood paella. You will regret it if you miss out on it.

Guide To Ibiza

Best time to visit

The seasons here are alright for every activity throughout the year. Even the rains are just for a time span for around two weeks every year. So it is not much of a problem. The visiting of tourists does not depend on the season but on their own wishes. They visit more whenever they see fit for having a vacation or spending their holidays. It is the best place if you want to get crazy having fun or whether you just want to have a change or a  slowdown in your life. 


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