When you print something, you may have to pick a size for the page. Find WPS Pin on HP Printer will help you find that size within seconds! If you’re looking for your resolution, there’s also a handy option at the bottom of the list!

What is Find WPS Pin on HP Printer?

If you have a HP printer, chances are you have the Find WPS Pin feature. This nifty little feature allows you to connect your printer to your network without having to enter a IP address or username and password. All you need to do is find the Find WPs Pin on HP Printer and enter it into your web browser’s address bar. You’ll then be prompted to enter your account information, and presto – you’re connected! How do I use Find WPS Pin?. This useful tool will save you time, and also make you not look so dumb when asked, “What is your printer IP address?”. All you need to do is start by turning off the wireless connection on your HP printer, then plugging in a USB cable from the printer to your computer. If your HP printer does not have a USB port where it can be connected to, there should be one on the back of the unit (you can tell if it has a port by looking at the label). Next you’ll need to turn on Wi-Fi on your computer. You’ll then want to open any web browser on both your computer and the HP printer. In most cases this is.

Uses of Find WPS Pin on HP Printer

If you are using a HP printer and have set up Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), then you may need to use the Find WPS Pin feature. This will help you connect to your HP printer from a remote location without needing to enter your network password. 

To use the Find WPS Pin feature, first go to the Settings menu on your HP printer and select Wi-Fi. Then, under the General heading, click on the Find WPS button. 

On the next screen, you will be asked to input your router’s address and password. After doing so, you will be shown a list of connected devices that are within range of your HP printer. 

Simply select your HP printer from this list and it will automatically connect to it. If you have forgotten your router’s address or password, then you can find them on the internet or in your router’s manual.

How to use Find WPS Pin on HP Printer

If you have a HP printer and need to connect to it wirelessly, you can use the Find WPS Pin feature. This will help you find the wireless security code that you need to connect to the printer. The following steps will help you connect to your HP printer wirelessly by using the Find WPS Pin function.

Step 1: Power on the printer in order to make it detect wireless networks around you.

Step 2: Type the wireless security code into the search bar provided. This will be prompted within the HP Printer’s screen. You can also copy it from here and paste it from window 7 or 8 using Ctrl+V command, or click on OK button when it appears for you to save it for future use.

Step 3: Click on Connect button if this appears on your screen after typing in the security code. If not, then click on Network settings option from main menu and choose Wireless settings

Other Ways to Remove SetupWizard

If you’re not a fan of HP’s Find WPS Pin utility, there are other ways to remove setup wizard from your printer. 

Remove the Setup Wizard via an Administrative Command Prompt (CMD)

  1. Open an administrative command prompt (CMD). 
  2. Type “cmd” and press Enter. 
  3. Type “netstat -an” and press Enter. 
  4. Look for “WINS” in the output and note the IP address of the printer that is using WINS. 
  5. Type “cscript c:\windows\system32\wsreset.vbs” and press Enter to reset the Windows-based printer using the IP address from step 4. 
  6. Close the command prompt window and restart your printer. 
  7. Remove the HP Printer software from your computer’s hard drive by following these steps: 
  8. a) Click Start, point to All Programs, point to HP software, and then click HP Printer Software Removal Tool. 
  9. b) Click Yes when prompted to delete all files associated with HP software on your computer.


Today we are going to be taking a look at how you can use the Find WPS Pin feature on your HP printer. This is a great way to keep your network secure and password protected. You will need to have an HP printer, Windows 10 Operating System, and the Find WPS app installed on your device. Once you have all of these items installed, follow these simple steps:

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