Advances in technology will send humans to Mars in the near future. No one can count on the internet, 5G, artificial intelligence, automation and all the new technologies that are emerging. The complexity of the tech world is great, but surprisingly, it’s hard to understand. However, researchers, engineers and technicians need to focus on their areas of service. Complex robots consist of small functional units managed by relevant professionals. They control scientific texts and logic. Despite the complexity of the technology, they will eventually find a simple source for the scientific text.

Wikipedia defines technology as “a set of techniques, skills, techniques, and processes used to create products or services or to achieve research goals.” In search, technology is defined as “the use of scientific knowledge, especially for practical purposes in industry.” The specifications are broad, and it seems to include all the useful ways for people to get something. In fact, technology is a broad application with many concepts. Both definitions are correct because they represent facts. However, they do not explain the meaning of terms such as “technology”, “use” and “scientific knowledge”, they can include incomprehensible terms and everything in the universe.

As science describes it as “a new definition of science – the basis of the text that reflects the real world,” it is also defined in terms of the text on paper, due to the scientific nature of the technology. .should. In the modern world, science and technology are intertwined and inseparable.

  1. Scientific writing is at the heart of technology.

Because of the great nature of science and technology, we regard texts as the center of science, which should be the center of technology. We will no longer repeat the textual nature of science / technology, and interested readers may refer to the article “Center of Linguistics”.

Science can show everything, including human behavior. It reflects not only natural phenomena but also human activities. Procedures, methods and details of success are written in the text and then presented. With text presentations, human activities can be organized, categorized, and based on well-known technologies.

Technical feature

Technology is generally viewed in terms of its relevance to culture, its practical application, its impact on economies, politics, and societies. Relationship with This is a vision that goes beyond reality. They are based on non-fonts or non-fonts. Giving technology features to different sections of society does not complicate the problem, it leads to infinite interconnections, and diverts people’s intentions from the true nature of technology.

We need to think deeply about the features that are present in all the technologies in our text, taking into account the complexity and change of technology that is always changing everywhere. As the text shows, the technology captures key features that are common to all technologies.

Technical documentation

Methods, skills, materials, methods, principles, etc. Everything should be documented for the purposes of understanding, learning, communication, writing. Customer Guidelines, Technical Specifications Generally the first thing that customers and engineers should do when distributing or processing products. Technical specifications describe the product more accurately than the actual performance of the product. Documents are relatively stable, simple, accurate, reliable, and detailed, despite complex operations, deviations from service conditions, and diverse personalities, multiple materials, and transfers.

It should also be noted that scientific texts are mentioned. Technical documentation should be memorized and should not match the technical text.

  1. The difference between science and technology

It is important to find the difference between science and technology. Although they have their own hubs, they have different looks and strengths to adapt to different aspects of the human world.

The fields of science and technology and knowledge are similar. The main difference between science and technology is their purpose and purpose. The purpose of science is to observe and explain, and the purpose of technology is to make a difference. Their directions are opposite to each other. Technology emphasizes work and science needs more observation. The same text can be considered science or technology depending on their purpose and application. For example, the law of motion is a science, but when it is used to make it, it becomes a technology.