A Pinch of Perfection: 7 Fantastic Ideas to Fire up Your Farmhouse Kitchen

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It doesn’t have to be such a bad thing. Change can be good. If it’s going to make you happy, do it. If it means that you or everyone else around you will benefit something good from it, then, by all means, change. Just like your kitchens. Have you sat around in your dining room waiting for the soup to boil, stared at your kitchen, and thought: “What can I do to make this space more attractive?” Well, why not give it a fresh, farmhouse look? If you’d like your kitchen to have that rustic, farmhouse, shabby chic feel to it, here are some fantastic kitchen ideas:

  1. A Brick and Wood Backsplash. Try a brick wall to give your kitchen a unique character. Add some candelabra chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and comfortable, luxurious chairs to give it a very sophisticated touch. A white brick wall gives a charming look that complements a smooth, white ceiling. A dark wooden countertop of the kitchen gives a very farmhouse-like appeal, and some light fixtures hanging by metal chains add a rustic charm to it.
  2. Farmer Baskets on the Kitchen Island. Get some practical and stylish baskets that can be attached to your kitchen island to give it a more farmhouse appeal. You can place colorful fruits in them to add an accent to your kitchen.
  1. A Wooden Look with Utensil Bar and Pot Rack. Digging up through cabinets and drawers to find the right utensil takes up a lot of time. Get a utensil bar and rack that can be mounted on the wall, to make your kitchen more practical and stylish – or maybe a modern farmhouse canvas art.
  1. The Right Lighting. In any type of decor, light fixtures are very important. Hanging lights always look beautiful. A light fixture over your kitchen sink lets you do the cleaning easily and looks beautiful as well. 
  1. Bold Colors. Go for bold colors, and make your kitchen stand out. Bright colors like green, blue, and red (or a combination of them) will do the trick. Just make sure to neutralize it to not overdo the boldness. The rest of the space should have neutral shades like white. 
  1. An Antique Kitchen Island. Look for a repurposed and practical kitchen island that has storage built into it. Your kitchen cabinets should complement it and give it a shabby chic appeal, and the raw look of the cabinet wood gives it a rustic charm.
  1. A Sign to Define the Design. Find some time to go to a farmer’s market and shop for several signboards. You can get these signs for your kitchen to create the perfect farmhouse look. Be sure to pick some signs that have a countryside appeal to them, and look vintage and charming. 

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