Advantage of Influencer Marketing Over Traditional Advertising

Today consumers have evolved. They are no longer interested in television ads, billboards and others now it’s the influencers who follow their ways of life. Influencer marketing now has a lot of advantages over traditional marketing, influencers can shape the opinion and purchasing decision of the consumer. Influencers and audiences have a particular connection, and they are something they are both interested in.

It is now clear that influencer marketing in the future will take over the marketing sector, below are the reasons why.

  • Influencer Marketing is More Focused

Influencer marketing is focused directly on a particular demographic and relevant audience. influencer marketing enables brands to reach the right kind of audience in a simple manner either through buying real TikTok followers or hiring the right influencer. This is because an influencer has built their influence in a specific niche by developing interesting and creative content that is relevant to a particular field. 

For instance, if the influencer is a sportsman, it means that their audience is interested in the sports sector. If a sports brand markets its product through this influencer, it will reach a particular audience they need. This is why Influencer marketing is focused because, in traditional advertisements, it is not easy to target a particular audience.

  • Influencer Marketing Is More Trustworthy

In today’s world, people are done with watching comedians and actors singing and praising particular products and services, which they have been hired to do by a brand. People have lost trust in an authentic voice that’s why brands and companies turn to influencers, whose content or popularity relate to the company service and product. 

Thus, it’s easy for a company to develop customer trust through influencers who consume the same product rather than traditional advertising through billboards and others. Most audiences have trust in their influencer, and they will be influenced by posts from their influencer social networking platform. 

  • Influencer Marketing Budget Favor any Kind of Business 

The ways traditional marketing works require the business to have a deep pocket to afford adverts. But influencer marketing favors all kinds of businesses regardless of their financial status. Small businesses have many options when it comes to influencer marketing, options to advertise themselves to develop their brand. 

There was research conducted last year, it stated that more than 60% of companies who use influencer marketing usually increase the amount of money they spend annually because it’s affordable and reliable. Most companies, both small and big, are seeing the importance of affordable influencer marketing.

  • Influencer Marketing is More Versatile

There are several ways to pass your brand’s message in influencer marketing. Traditional advertising doesn’t give many options for advertising your brand. In influencer marketing, you can choose from a variety of options to spread your campaign. You can select people from different platforms such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and more to run your campaign. 

Because there are various options, your content should be designed according to the platform, and it should be brief and more detailed or more visual depending on the channel you will execute the campaign. The message on the post should be fresh and have much more creativity to prevent boredom when the audience sees it.

  • Influencer Marketing Enables Better Customer Market Penetration

Most people hate traditional ads, in fact, PageFair reported last year that AdBlock usage is increasing from 2016 it has increased by 30%, and now more than 11% of the internet population use ad blocker technology. This shows that more people are putting up ad blocker because they are bored with the way ads work, with such kinds of marketing strategies, your message won’t penetrate to customers.  

When it comes to influencer marketing, adverts are carried out to people who can be interested in the product, unlike traditional ads that force people to check the ads. People can listen to influencer messages because they are interested in their content thus, advert messages will penetrate smoothly compared to ads and other traditional marketing ways.


The above points prove that influencer marketing is better compared to traditional marketing, that’s why many brands have adopted influencer marketing as their primary digital marketing strategy. Working with influencers has many advantages starting from better market penetration, increased cost-effectiveness, and more return on investment. You are also sure consumers are willing to buy your product. 

Traditional marketing methods such as ads are rapidly losing their charm, and people are willing to subscribe to the channel of influencers they like and respect. The audience trusts their influencer that’s why influencer marketing is growing day by day.

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