If you have been keenly following the online sports betting scene, you can conclude that it’s still in its infancy in most parts of the world. One region that has been leading on many fronts is Europe. Bettors in this region have several advantages, giving them access to several features and strategies that are not available elsewhere. Sports commentators point out that the adoption of technology, as well as a superior legal framework in the sector, are some of the factors contributing to this development. A recent report puts the European market as the most competitive as well as the largest where it accounts for almost half of the global action. Pundits observe that this is not about to change anytime soon. The region will continue to lead owing to the advantages it has over other regions.


The exponential growth in Europe has been attributed to the popularity of the activity as well as the increasing number of bookmakers in the regions. The burgeoning innovations, as well as improvement in accessibility and usability of the internet, have also been seen as crucial factors in the growth of the industry. In some parts of the world, this has not grown as fast, giving the European market a head start when it comes to the popularity of online betting.


Although the European markets have had their share of ups and down in online sports betting, they have led the way in the sector. When it comes to the introduction of games, the advancement of styles and platforms, the region has been the leader since the inception of the industry. As we write, one area that has seen online sports gaming grow in Europe compared to other regions is in-game bets. As earlier mentioned innovations, enthusiast bettors and a relatively supportive legal environment may have contributed to these developments. Aladar Kollar, an online sports expert says that the fact that in-game strategy has been around for a long time compared to other parts of the world gives Europe an advantage. “Fogadás online, ahogy a legtöbb magyar hívná az interneten történô fogadást, már Europában van 2015 òta, máshol még csak most debutál. Europában több a tapasztalat, és vele együtt jár a tudás is, ami a környéki fogadòkat magasabb rangba sorolja más regiòkhoz képest. Az itteni hazardôrök rájöttek a már folyamatban levô jaték stratégiájának elônyeire és izgalmára.“ says Aladar Kollar. Although other parts of the world are fast catching up, play online betting in Europe is quite advanced and highly embraced by bettors.

What is in for other regions?

With the increased adoption of in-game strategy as part of online sports betting in Europe, it is expected that other parts of the world will follow suit. Questions have arisen on what this means for the bookmakers and punters in other parts of the world. Pundits have observed that newly formed sportsbooks may take time to adjust but others, especially those that have operated in the European markets will have an advantage.

The fact that they are experienced in dealing with in play betting in Europe makes them start at a higher level. Sportsbooks who limit in-game in favor of playoffs betting are projected to get less traffic compared to the bookmakers who adapt to the new style. The same is said for punters, those who have taken their time to learn to play online stand to benefit greatly.

What benefits are derived from the in-play strategy?

For those who may not have had a chance to play in-game strategy, there is still time to learn and gain the benefits that are presented by this style. The in-play strategy works in similar ways as the playoffs with the only difference being that odds are live and are refreshed regularly. For instance, a punter may place a bet on a player in a game to make or miss a goal attempt. With the in-gaming strategy, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • You get to bet as you watch the game, getting a feel of how the teams are playing before placing a bid.
  • The speed of the results due to its quick turnaround
  • You get your winnings within minutes as opposed to waiting for hours


Europe has been in an advantaged position in the adoption of in-game strategy among other strategies. However, other parts of the world are catching up fast courtesy of enthusiastic punters and the availability of sportsbooks offering this experience. Punters in the emerging markets are now enjoying a similar experience, offering them a chance to get real-time engagement and a quick turnaround.