This is one of the most frustrating things a modern homeowner can do: A / C. However, most air conditioning repairs should not be abandoned or rushed. Even if they do, you may have to wait for the stock to arrive. What you do in between is you can always rent a hotel room, but for most families it is very expensive. There are many ways to stay cool while waiting for your A / C to adjust.

Protect from the sun.

Not everyone wants their home to feel like a cave, but you will have to close the curtains and drapes while waiting for your window ac repair dubai to be repaired. The heat of the night burns through the windows and when you block it can change a few more degrees. Turn on a few lights or learn to love the dark until at least your HVAC system is installed.

Use your human resources.

Ceiling fans can be very useful in reducing the temperature. Of course, mobile fans also have a place, but they do not match the cooling capacity of a good roof heater. Tighten them as much as possible, you will not miss the A / C as much as you think.

Stay away from the kitchen

If you do not have the ability to absorb cold air from the refrigerator, the kitchen is a bad place for those waiting to have the air conditioner repaired. The stove and oven are the largest heat generators in your home. How many times have you gone to the heat station between dinners because your eyebrows are starting to open? The stove in this case. In addition, you will not be satisfied with the temperature controller.

have a shower

The cold rain may not be so beneficial to your normal life, but now is the best time to enjoy it. Of course, it’s worse than worth it, it consumes time and resources, but does not sell. Wear some light clothing (or not) and sit under the roof heater. Cold water that slowly evaporates from your skin seems to have finished air conditioning repair.

Repairing the air conditioner will provide not only cooler air conditioning from the unit, but also lower cost. One ounce of precaution ac repairing services is always worth a pound of treatment. You should do this before the summer temperatures rise, or you will have to wait for others to arrive. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for acne treatment.

– Change filters regularly. This is the most important aspect of precaution and should be done monthly throughout the year. It’s a good idea to integrate filters into your system size, so it’s easy to change over time. Choose a day that is as memorable as the first or last week of the month.

– Always inspect when choosing units to ensure that straps are worn and worn. It is wise to fix them before removing them, as the HVAC device will not work.

– Lubricate the fan bearings and clean the blades. The engine also needs to be lubricated. Inspect work, replace or repair broken components.

– Check for bad road work. Should this be so? Squeeze free stuff.

“Is there free wire?” Squeeze it too.

– Make sure the refrigerator is in the right place. If not, fill in the blanks for possible leaks.

“Is one of the alternate wings bent?” If so, correct them. Is the capacitor coil clean or do I need to remove it from the trash?

“Look at the conditioning pan.” It needs to be cleaned and controlled every month. If the dirt is too much, you can put pills to reduce the amount of pits and makeup needed to add. These tablets are available at local hardware stores.