All You Need To Know About Ethical Hacking

With the advent of technology today, ensuring proper protection of these platforms is the need of the hour. Cybersecurity is essential for systems and networks to effectively prevent their data from leaking or getting destroyed following a cyber-attack. If you’re an IT enthusiast aspiring to rise to such occasions and turn it into your dream job, then your first step should be to enrol for an ethical hacking course.

What Is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking is described as a “structured hacking” procedure to expose an organisation’s system or network’s weaknesses or vulnerabilities, with specialised tools and techniques. Compared to the black hat hackers who break into systems to steal data and information, an ethical hacker is tasked with identifying all the loopholes in the system to prevent such mishappening in the future.

Following are the different types of ethical hacking:

  1. Web Server Hacking
  2. Web Application Hacking
  3. Social Engineering
  4. System Hacking
  5. Hacking Wireless Networks

Ethical Hacking Versus Pen Testing

Ethical hacking is often confused with pen testing since both domains may seem to have similar objectives. But when you delve deeper into the subject, you will find out that ethical hacking is more like an umbrella terminology, encompassing all the techniques and methods applied for identifying the risks and unreliable environments, with pen testing being one of them. 

Therefore, we can say that ethicalhacking training is more like a foundational step towards pen testing, and other such approaches.

Career In Ethical Hacking

Building a career in ethical hacking can be an adventurous journey. Every case is unique with a thrilling experience, and the role itself will give you chills every time you sit down to break into the servers and help the client.

But the task requires one to take up an ethical hacking courseand excel in the theoretical and practical knowledge of networking, security, etc., but also be up-to-date with the latest cyberattack trends in the market.

Given below is an insight into the field of ethical hacking, the requirements, the path and the prospects.

  1. Skills Required

Following are the skills required for an ethical hacking enthusiast:

  • Computer skills
  • Virtualisation
  • Digital Forensics
  • Database skills
  • Cryptography
  • Creative Thinking
  • Problem-Solving skills
  • Wireless technologies
  • Analytical Skills
  • Advanced TCP/IP
  • Networking skills
  • Scripting
  • Communication skills
  • Linux skills, etc.
  • Learning Path

After completing school with a foundational knowledge of computer software and hardware, it is mandatory to have a bachelor’s degree. Candidates with a strong background in Information Technology and Computer Science make a more reasonable choice for ethical hackers. Hence you must consider getting a degree in these courses.

  • EC-Council Ethical Hacking Training

To gain preference over other candidates and increase the stakes of getting selected by a particular organisation as a freelancer or a full-time, getting certified in the field can work miracles. Certifications are often regarded as testimonies to one’s splendid knowledge accompanied with polished skills for the task. 

A CEH or Certified EthicalHacking training course helps a professional understand and implement “the latest commercial-grade hacking tools, techniques and methodologies used by hackers and information security professionals to hack an organisation lawfully”.

With this certification in your hand, you will get an opportunity to learn everything about ethical hacking from foundational to advanced levels, with a perfect balance in bookish knowledge and work-life experience.

  • Scope

As per the 2019 Asia Pacific CISCO Benchmark Study, many countries receive around 5000 security alerts per day! The piling costs of data breaches are exceeding the losses companies can handle, and hence the need for ethical hackers is on a boost right now.

A certified ethical hacker’s average salary at an intermediate’s level is around INR 4,90,580 in India, which can go up to INR 7,00,000 per year for professionals and experts.


It is crucial to understand that though you can portray the personalities of ethical hackers, as shown in the movies, it’s possible only when you study thoroughly and rigorously. The field of ethical hacking is as witty and spontaneous as “cool” it seems, and to gain the latter’s satisfaction, one needs to be highly skilled and analytical on the ground.

With Koenig Solutions as your training centre for EC council ethical hacking training, you can benefit from 1-on-1 training at reasonable costs, allowing flexibility in the schedule without compromising education quality.

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