Amazing Vaping Trends To Watch Out In 2022

Vaping is a growing trend that is gaining popularity among the youths. Due to technological advancements, the trend is also evolving to serve each vaper’s needs. For beginners, it isn’t easy to settle on a specific gear due to the variety of choices available.

You can select a simple gear to operate to make things easier for you as you start vaping. It would also help you as a vapor to know some amazing vaping trends this year, which include;

Pod system sizes

Vape pod systems are similar to e-cigarettes; however, they use pods instead of a vape tank. To begin vaping, you only need to connect your pod to a battery compatible with it. 

Pod systems are evolving, and they are now coming in larger sizes so that users can mix a variety of e-juice flavors. You can get a pod that can hold up to 6.5ml of e-juice, which allows you to vape continuously for a long duration. Besides, users don’t have to refill their pods frequently once it is already full. 

Nicotine salts and fruits

Nicotine salts are quite common, and you can use them in pod devices. The salts allow users to get strong nicotine hits each time they vape. You can experiment with the salts in different ways; like try smok nord coils 5 pack because you will get to enjoy a strong nicotine hint with a cool breeze down your throat. 

Besides nicotine salts, you can also experiment with fruit flavors. There are various flavors that users can relate to; an example is the strawberry flavor. You can also get an e-juice that has combined flavors. 

Smaller vaping devices


Vapers might find it difficult to remove their gears in public because they want to vape without attracting any attention. There are now many kinds of vaping gears that are smaller, making it easy for users to move around with them. You can carry the vape gear in your pocket and take it out whenever you want to use it. 

Although the vape devices are small, they still perform similar functions to other gears. You can vape huge vapors using your gear. 

Environment-friendly devices

The environment is undergoing several changes like climate change and increased pollution. The vaping industry has developed devices that have minimal effects on the environment. You must know that batteries can also be recycled. Fortunately, there are several options available that come with disposable batteries. Under the WEEE regulation, manufacturers are required to taken the batteries back from customers and place them for recycling. 

An increase in battery life

Vape gears come with different battery capacities. There are many vaping gears with huge battery capacity in the market, which allows users to vape for long hours; this can benefit users in areas with no electricity. Before purchasing, you can compare the different battery capacities to ensure the device you get suits the type of vaper you are. The vape gears also have a high battery voltage suitable for regular vapers.

Safety features

The safety features in vape devices are evolving, and you can get a device with an axon chip protecting your vape gear’s battery from overheating or exploding. Besides, the gears now have dust protection preventing any dirt particles from interfering with your vape device. The devices are also water-resistant if a user accidentally exposes them to large amounts of water. This also makes it easier for buyers to clean them.

Some gears come with a one power button located at the base preventing users from lighting up their devices while it’s in their pockets.

Charging system

Vape gears are coming with a type-C USB charging port, allowing users to recharge their gears fast, and within a few minutes, you can continue vaping.

Customizable settings

Vaping is now easier because you can control the features present in your device. There are plenty of settings that allow you to adjust your device’s temperature or wattage to your preferences. Notably, even small vape gears have these settings making it easier for people using vape pens to change their wattage.

Beginners can adjust their devices to a low wattage hence producing less vapor. However, they can gradually increase their wattage to determine what power suits them best. 

Resistant coils

Coils are an important part of every vape gear, and you can get the resistant coil to get a good vaping experience. Resistant coils can withstand high temperatures, allowing users to vape at different temperatures. The coils are user-friendly, and they are plenty of signs which would help you identify whether they require change.


The vaping industry will continue growing and evolving. Customer demands are behind the evolution since the gears and accessories aim at satisfying a customer’s needs, and you can change your vape device depending on the fashion trends. 

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