When it comes to the health niche, it’s fair to say that cold-pressed juices have taken the spotlight in recent years. When researching online, you’re probably seeing lots of positivity surrounding the products. But are they really everything they claim to be?

What’s Cold-Pressed Juice?

Let’s face it, Australians have loved pressed juices for many years. In fact, your parents or grandparents may have pressing utensils in the kitchen to get delicious juices from fruit. Well, cold-pressed juice is essentially the same except that it uses a unique pressing method.

The fruit is placed between two metal plates with a hydraulic press and then squeezed at high pressure. Why is this important? When you use juicers, there’s no doubt that you get a delicious and nutritious drink on the other side. However, it’s not as nutritious as it could be. The spinning blade generates heat and breaks down enzymes in whatever fruit you put inside. What’s more, the fact that the blade spins so quickly means that the juice is oxidized, and this breaks down the nutrients further.

On the other hand, cold-pressed juice comes from fruit and vegetables that are pressed using hydraulics and lots of pressure. Although the life of these products is shorter, they are more nutritious and beneficial to the body.

Benefits of Cold-Pressed Juice

As you saw in the previous section, the most significant advantage of cold-pressed juices is that you have a more nutritious drink compared to other smoothies and juices. With no oxygen or heat used/generated in the manufacturing process, no nutrients are lost (you get the most from the fruit and vegetables!). Sadly, this same guarantee can’t be made after pasteurization and commercial juicing.


With more nutrients, your body benefits more from a single drink compared to other products. For example, from carrots, your body will enjoy:

  • Vitamin C
  • Potassium
  • Polyphenol
  • Fiber

As well as brain stimulation, you’re also helping your body to fight health problems like cardiovascular disease thanks to the antioxidants and other benefits. While on this note, many people find it easier to consume fruits and vegetables that they otherwise wouldn’t eat (either because of flavor, cost, or availability).

Another reason why you should choose cold-pressed juices is that the body absorbs the juice quickly. In some scenarios, you could feel the benefit of cold-pressed juices in just 20-30 minutes. Your body has a good pH balance, you have lots of nutrients, and you’ll feel more energized. When life gets tough, and you wake up feeling tired, this is one of the best ways to boost energy levels naturally. Remember, you don’t need to purchase a juicer and ingredients to get started, try organic juice delivery from Greene St. Juice Co. or a similar juicing company first to make sure you like the taste. It’s an affordable option to try them out before investing in the equipment and ingredients.

Finally, in case everything in this guide wasn’t enough, you’re also filling your body with good bacteria. Over time, this outweighs and suppresses the harmful bacteria and helps your immune system fight off illnesses. Depending on the fruit and vegetables in the cold-pressed juice, the immune system will also strengthen due to the vitamin A, vitamin C, and antioxidants.

Do Cold-Pressed Juices Live Up to the Hype?

In short, yes. What’s even better, you’ll find all sorts of flavors and high-quality manufacturers these days. You can consume them alongside a healthy diet or even detox to flush the body with all toxins. Some have reported on the calories in cold-pressed juices, but you just need to keep this in mind when planning your meals!