Open a Door into the 5th Dimension

The 2020s will forever be in the history books of tomorrow. And we are still in the 2nd year of the decade! The past two years have been filled with dizzying events that upend everything we know. It seems most of the fixtures of our lives are finally falling apart. From the COVID-19 pandemic to an American troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, the world today is very different from the last decade.  In fact, if it weren’t for the infrastructure set up by providers like Cox customer service number, we may have entered the Stone Age by now.  

Literature buffs may have heard about how truth is often stranger than fiction. But in the world of science fiction, the boundaries become increasingly blurred. This decade, in particular, could be ushering us into a whole new era. One that may look nothing like our world today several years down the line. And many of us are watching the changes unfold every day. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out how science and science fiction is not easy to distinguish anymore: 

The Search for Dark Matter 

Dark matter and antimatter are not new terms for any real science fiction enthusiast. From Star Trek to Angels and Demons ominous references to both emerge. Destructive matter, particles from another dimension, and even interdimensional travel are all hallmarks of the science fiction genre. You may find it surprising that all of these terms actually have some scientific backing to their credit.  

Of course, the world of theoretical physics is far denser than the universe of Star Wars or Star Trek. That is why most of us would struggle with the complex jargon and knowledge it requires. But it is no less exciting. Especially when real scientists announce the search for the mysterious 5th dimension. The key to this new portal? Something that is known as the hidden element or the hidden particle. Will we ever open up gateways across multiple dimensions in space and time? Or will we finally learn no such thing exists? The answer should be well worth any effort.   

Private Space Travel  

When speaking of science fiction, it is hard not to imagine zipping across the universe. Maybe you see yourself as a dashing space adventurer/pirate/smuggler/charmer like Han Solo. Or maybe you see yourself as a dark and brooding Admiral commanding an armada of spaceships on a galactic patrol. But there is no denying that the freedom to travel anywhere in space is appealing. And with a bit of lightspeed, getting to distant worlds would be a cinch.  

Of course, we may be lightyears away from ever even getting close to lightspeed. But that hasn’t stopped us from trying our hand at space travel. The early Space Race, it was primarily the United States versus Russia. But in this decade, it’s some of the world’s largest tech companies. Space X, Blue Origin, and even Virgin Galactic lead the race for private space travel and tourism. Are you ready to visit a Four Seasons in orbit? We certainly are.  

UFO Existence Confirmed 

UFOs are so entrenched in science fiction, people still have difficulty believing they are real. After all, don’t UFOs normally signal an incoming alien invasion? Sure, sometimes you end up with a cute Martian friend like ET. But for the most part, Hollywood aliens are a mean, scary, and bloodthirsty bunch. Lucky aliens only exist in movies, right? Maybe not!  

The declassification of several intelligence documents seems to tell us otherwise. What they tell us is that there are definitely unidentified flying objects. The US has rubbished claims of alien spacecraft and has only admitted that it cannot confirm the origin or nature of these UFOs. But that automatically begs another question. If even the US can’t figure out what these UFOs are, then who can? And what are they? Do they come in peace? What do we know about them? We’ll just have to wait and see. But there is definitely something beyond our known capabilities flying around space. Hopefully, if there are indeed intelligent lifeforms, they’ll be able to help us advance beyond anything we imagined.  

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