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Flex printing is a revolutionary printing process that gives you unlimited capabilities. It offers various benefits over traditional thermal transfer printing. Unlike in the past, it doesn’t need heat press or any kind of additional printing equipment. It prints directly on application with no additional chemicals being used. This is the best option for high quality.

There are two ways you could start: Open up a small brick-and mortar print shop in any major city of India and establish your entire enterprise offline or launch an internet-based flex printing machine. Note: Both an offline and an online business can be operated simultaneously if your budget permits. In either case, all you need to have is a website and relevant content. The content should be related to your product or service and you must optimize it with keywords to make it easy for your customers to find it.

These flex printing machines are designed to meet specific printing requirements. The features vary depending on the type of material you want to print on. Depending on your requirements, you may opt for a laser printer, thermal printer, inkjet printer, dot matrix printer or any combination thereof. Also note that while starting with one printer, you can expand it later with additional printers once you get a good volume of orders.

Whatever media type you choose, your printer should be able to handle the size of your project without any delays. There are a few things that you need to check before starting your flex printing machine venture in New Delhi. For example: If you are opening a new business, you will require a minimum volume of order to start with. The number of units you will use should be enough to meet your business needs. Also note that the media type you are going to use, whether it is text images or illustrations, should be easily readable and edited on screen.

Starting a new business in India can be an overwhelming process. You must ensure that your supplier and manufacturer support you throughout. Colorjet Group is the largest manufacturer of Signage Printing Machine in India with network in more than 18 countries.

Neptune Plus by Colorjet  is a 3.2 Metre roll-to-roll solvent printer that combines high quality and high production speed.

NEPTUNE PLUS is the finest solution for outdoor advertising applications customers, who need the quality prints at a very high speed. It is ideal for sign shops and commercial printers seeking to upgrade the quality and offer greater versatility and speed at an optimally cost-effective price. It is also an excellent solution for corporate in-house production of exhibition graphics, posters, signage, billboards, etc.

USPs of Neptune Plus:

  • Aesthetic Enhancements
  • Inbuilt LED Monitor
  • Extended Bed Space with Conductive Heater
  • Advance Feed System

Outdoor Banners, hoardings, drop down banners, backlit hoardings, vehicle wraps, backlit display, floor standees are few of the applications that can be printed on Netune Plus- rated as Best Flex Printing Machine with latest technology producing high quality prints.

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