Beginner’s Guide to Set up and Install Netgear Ex6150

Comes with FastLane Technology, Netgear ex6150 range extender makes use of both frequency bands, i.e., 2.4GHz and 5GHz, to provide you a high-speed Internet. It makes the device ideal for large homes that require great WiFi speed up to 1200Mbps.

The range expander comes equipped with external antennas, which offer better WiFi range and coverage. It is compatible with almost any brand of home or office router. It becomes essential to extend your existing Internet range for using smart devices like tablets and smartphones and multimedia devices like smart TVs and gaming consoles in this modern era.

After knowing the benefits of this device, users will probably be wondering about purchasing it. But how to set it up and install it? Well, don’t panic, as we’re here to help you while setting up and configuring your device.

Before the new extender setup, be familiar with its buttons, LEDs, as well as ports. Read on.


The range of expander has 4 LED lights. Namely, client link LED, router link LED, WPS LED, and power LED. The following colors of these LED lights indicate:

Client link and router link LEDs

This light shows the status of the connection between the router and your device.

·        Off: No connection

·        Solid red: Poor connection

·        Solid amber: Good connection

·        Solid green: Best connection


·        Off: WiFi security is disabled

·        Blinking green: WiFi protected setup connection is in progress.

·        Solid green: WPA or WPA2 is turned on

Power LED

·        Off: The device is turned off

·        Solid green: The device is turned on

·        Solid amber: The device is booting

That’s what different colors of a light show. Now, let’s get to know its setup and installation process.

Given that ex6150 provides support for the latest WiFi standard, i.e., 802.11ac, so you know which wired or wireless devices should be connected to your home or office network.

One can use it in two modes: access point mode and extender mode. Both of them are described in brief below.

Use ex6150 in access point mode.

Once you use it in this mode, it uses a wired Ethernet connection and builds a new WiFi hotspot. Follow the steps below to get the job done:

1. Make sure that the switch of your device is set to the access point.

2. Place it near the regular router.

3. Insert its power cable in a wall plug and let its LED turn on.

4. Find and connect with a WiFi network using the network manager.

5. Next, open an Internet browser and go to mywifiext web page.

6. Hit the button that reads the access point.

7. Create a new account by entering the required fields.

8. Now, set up an SSID, password, and security.

9. Hit the next button.

10. Go through the given steps on the display screen.

After that, unplug your device and turn it on back. Now, connect it to the extended network by typing the correct username and password.

Use ex6150 in extender mode.

When working in this mode, it rebroadcasts incoming signals from an existing access point or wireless router.

1. First of all, check that its main switch is set to the extender.

2. Turn on your device.

3. Connect it to an enabled network either via web browser setup or through WPS.

Once done, turn it off for some time and power it on again. Connect all your wired or wireless devices to the extended network and enjoy fast connectivity in every corner of your house and industry.

To protect your home or office network from intruders, the device offers some options like WEP, WPA, as well as WPA2-PSK.

Go here- https://mywifeixt.net/

By carefully following the above-given instructions, one can easily install and configure their device. If you face any issues, feel free to share that in the comments section below. 

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