Aphrodisiac foods for men and their effects on health are a scientific reality. The majority of its foods, by their composition, have an impact on the production of testosterone and blood circulation. Like everything natural, the effect is not instantaneous, and their consumption must be more or less regularly to take advantage of their benefits.

Aphrodisiac foods for men

Dark chocolate

Chocolate is one of the best-known and perhaps most consumed aphrodisiac foods for men. It owes its stimulating action to arginine, an amino acid. This acid will be transformed by the body into nitric oxide, which promotes muscle congestion. This substance can be found in the form of a dietary supplement that many athletes take to improve their performance. Thus, dark chocolate, thanks to its arginine content, allows you to have a good erection.


Mussels are seafood, and like many of them, they have aphrodisiac properties. Mussel is, in fact, rich in zinc and will limit the transformation of testosterone into estrogen. Thus boosted, your testosterone level will influence your health and the quality of your erections. Mussels are an aphrodisiac, provided you do not swallow 1 kilo of fries simultaneously.


Even if they don’t look very glamorous, oysters, like chocolate, are very popular aphrodisiac foods for men and are sometimes called natural viagra. Rich in zinc and protein, the oyster will act on the production of testosterone. If you don’t like oysters, you can fall back on other seafood that is just as rich in zinc, such as mussels, as we have seen, shrimp, or even crab.


Not necessarily the first choice for a romantic evening, garlic is a very good aphrodisiac food for men and several reasons. Like chocolate, garlic is rich in arginine and therefore helps to produce nitric oxide, which will have the effect of improving vasodilation.

Garlic is also very rich in allicin, a substance that promotes blood circulation. Be careful, though. These substances do not tolerate heat well. To take advantage of them, you must eat raw garlic. Cenforce 100 and Vidalista 60 can help improve erection.


Perhaps a little neglected, the almond is nevertheless a energy booster that will make you hard. Excuse the vocabulary. Rich in zinc and fatty acid, almond consumption will stimulate the production of testosterone essential to the health of men. Its arginine content will, in turn, allow better blood circulation and good blood flow into the body. About twenty almonds a day, you don’t need more to enjoy its benefits. In general, do not hesitate to consume a mixture of nuts to improve your health.


Effective but super expensive, saffron is perhaps one of the most effective aphrodisiac foods for men. Although it is not directly involved in increasing desire, saffron acts on different glands, thus stimulating energy and Vidalista 20Cenforce 200 to improve male potency.


This rhizome is the aphrodisiac food for men, with the fastest action on the health. Ginger causes a rapid rise in body temperature and improves blood circulation. Ginger, therefore, acts on blood circulation. Ginger also has many health benefits, and today there are ginger shots to take every morning.


Ginseng is what you might call the healthy food. This super complete plant is rich in amino acids (arginine, for example), minerals including zinc, and vitamins B, C, and E. Its composition makes it an excellent stimulant for testosterone production and blood circulation.


Like most aphrodisiac foods for men, cinnamon has a vasodilating effect and promotes the blood flow. Aurogra 100Fildena 100Super p force for a good erection. In India, it is used as a refreshing tea with ginger and peppercorns to stimulate physical desire.


Avocado is the last aphrodisiac food in our selection but not the least effective. This fruit, and yes, it is a fruit, is rich in vitamin E and beneficial for the production of sperm. It also contains potassium which stimulates the production of testosterone. The avocado also contains a good dose of vitamin B5, ideal for gaining vitality and having good health.

These are aphrodisiac foods for men that should help you. For beneficial effects, you must consume its foods regularly in addition to a healthy and balanced diet.