The COVID-19 coronavirus has heated much debate on the right paths of action to reduce its transmission through social distancing. The argument considers the influence on the education of our children. We are suffering from an education crisis. The pandemic has taken away the classrooms from the children for the past 18 months. The freedom to go to school and learn is essential for every child’s safety, development, and well-being. Yet in too many countries schools remain shut down while social gatherings continue to take place in amusement parks, restaurants, and shopping malls.

This generation of youth and children cannot bear any more disruptions in their learning process, which is why parents are now getting their children home tutors in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, etc., to get their education back on track. Here are a few benefits of returning to school:


Let’s face it! Unless the parents have a degree in teaching or a focus on homeschooling, it’s hard to follow what goes on inside of a classroom and ensure your child is up to speed with where they should be. Learn more. Parents often order workbooks gearing for preschoolers and crafts to occupy their kids, but even with these additional activities, they are falling short. It’s difficult to comprehend if the children are retaining and earning the same amount of knowledge they would gain from an actual teacher in a classroom compared with the parents.


It is important to the learning process that the children are in their proper mental health. CDC data shows that the pandemic has generated significant trauma and stress for children, adolescents, and families. Schools can help boost the well-being of children with CDC evidence-based strategies like referring students to appropriate mental and physical health services and establishing safe and supportive school environments.


Even if on a limited basis, the re-opening of schools is likely to be even more uplifting for the students. It’s particularly important that school-age kids spend time interacting with their peers. That is a huge aspect of what they’re learning in their childhood. It is often said that play is the work of early childhood. That’s exactly what our kids need during this pandemic. In their early years of schooling, they should be interacting and playing. It makes a massive change in their development.


The decision to re-open schools could be intended more at favoring the parents. The decision will make it easier for parents to return to work if children go back to school. It could be more to help relieve the pressure on families rather than the new measures focusing on getting children back into education. Time constraints and financial pressure are frequent debates among parents during the lockdown. As some parents can return to work, economic recovery will also be affected. Family incomes coming back to normal will help alleviate the financial burdens caused by the current lockdown.

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