Best 3 tools for convert JPEG to TIFF

Do you have trouble converting JPEG to TIFF? If you’re sick of the old JPG file formats, here is the place to go to receive all of the information you need. We will show you how to convert jpeg to TIFF throughout this tutorial! When we speak about TIFF, it is one such tagged image format for the file, which acts as the key cause for simply storing the photos’ high graphical quality. To get the finest graphical quality, you should convert all of your photographs into TIFF format as a photographer or designer. Wonder how to convert JPEG to TIFF, you may proceed with using this tool. 

  • Onlineconvertfree

Second, we have onlineconvertfree.com in our list! This utility has long been one of the most popular choices for novices who are unfamiliar with the fundamentals of file conversion. This utility is quite good at converting files into multiple formats, which makes it even more popular.

You will discover that the utility is entirely free and does not charge you a single thing for file conversion. If you wish to convert an MS Word file into an Excel spreadsheet, this is the program to use. Try it right now! You will have your file in front of you in a matter of seconds. You may visit Onlineconvertfree.com, pick the JPEG file for upload, and hit on convert to TIFF. After that, it will do the JPEG to TIFF conversion and provide the output. 

  • HiPDF

On top of the list is the name HiPDF, which is well-known for being the greatest platform to convert JPG to TIFF format. This tool is currently available online and is easily accessible to you. It has no limitations when it comes to conversion, and you will have the converted file in front of you in a matter of seconds. This is the most useful feature of this tool for novices.

Most of the functions are sometimes restricted, and you cannot use them unless you subscribe to the tool. This utility has become the most popular for the simple conversion of numerous files into multiple formats. However, for the TIFF format, we strongly suggest it.

It is one such converter that is quite simple to use and will not cause you any problems at all. It will also let you to edit, compile, and compress the files as they are being converted. HiPDF has even been tested to be compatible with all operating systems. The only disadvantage of this program is that it is quite sluggish when it comes to converting. It will not be possible to convert two files at the same time. It costs $6 per month or $48 per year.

  • PS2PDF

How can we forget to add PS2PDF, another top-rated online application for converting JPG to TIFF? This tool is absolutely free to use, and it does not charge a single thing for converting. It also assists you in converting postscript files to PDF.

Its primary advantage is that it will never lose any of your documents even if you go to the next page. Uploading files from Dropbox or Google Drive is simple. This tool is available in two distinct plans: the supporter plan and the patron monthly plan.

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