Best 4 Free Social Media Aggregator Tools for Websites

Over the years, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or any other have made it easier for brands to keep up with the tough competition.

Be it streamlining your updates and postings through one social media source can be a liberating experience.

Social media not only helps the brand to become an industry leader but also lets them engage with customers in new ways. And to establish an active online presence, brands might need professional help in the name of social media aggregator tools.

It is quite essential to have the right tools for your business success that fit into your budget. Fortunately, there are numerous aggregator tools like Taggbox, Tagembed, Social.io, and more that are available for free plans to help you build your brand faster & stronger.

These tools help in collecting social media feeds (i.e. user-generated content) from various networks like Facebook, Pinterest, etc. (via hashtags, mentions, handles & more) & curate them into a single feed. These feeds can be then embedded on any website building platform easily.

In this blog, we have penned down some of the best social media aggregator tools that are currently available for free. So hurry up & scroll down to know more about them.

Free Social Media Aggregator Tools for Brands

1. Taggbox

One of the world’s leading social media aggregator tools, Taggbox helps in collecting & curating user-generated content from multiple social platforms (via hashtags, mentions, username, etc.) into a single feed which can be then embedded on a website.

There are a pool of features offered by Taggbox  that can help you create creative, engaging, & responsive widgets are as follows;

  • Customization:- You can apply various designing elements like beautiful themes, banners, backgrounds, font size & color, custom CSS, and more.
  • Advanced Moderation:- To help you filter out all the unwanted & irrelevant content from your social media feeds to make them look clean.
  • Insightful Analytics:- You can track & evaluate the performance of your social media feeds in terms of total click-through-rate, impressions, etc.

On the other hand, this tool offers a ‘Free Trial’ plan for 14-days which makes it quite pocket-friendly and is great for businesses of small size.

2. Juicer.io

This free aggregator tool helps in collecting all social media content from multiple sources, curating it into a single feed & embedding this feed on your website as well as product pages.

Jam-packed with awesome features, this social media aggregator tools offers the following features;

  • Customization:- You can choose from options like 9 beautiful built-in feed styles, colors, feed display options, custom CSS to integrate your business’s branding, and more
  • Moderation:- You can control what social media feeds you want to be displayed on your business’s website with moderation & filtration features.
  • Automatic Update:- Depending on your plan, Juicer’s automation feature automatically updates your business’s social media feed hourly or daily.

Most importantly you can leverage this reasonably priced social media tool for business with affordable paid options.

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3. Social Media Walls

This social media aggregator tool gathers user-generated content from various networks, creates a custom social media hub, and embeds them into your website.

This way you can enhance your brand awareness & keep your website updated with fresh social media content.

Well, this tool is mainly designed for events but the free version still works for marketers to build their brand.

While speaking of the features here are some:

  • Powerful moderation tools
  • Quick and easy widget setup
  • Allows you to filter out the aggregated feeds
  • Compatible with multiple social media networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, RSS feeds, blogs, and more

But with so many pros, there are a few cons as well that come with Social.io. For instance, your account might get deleted if your account is inactive for more than 48 hours.

In addition to this, the free version offered by this tool only update feeds every 24 hours. While it’s premium plans start at over twice the price at $57 per month.

4. Tagembed

This social media aggregator tool offers a ‘Forever Free’ plan not only helps brands to collect engaging social media posts from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. but also lets them embed it to the website easily.

Some of the robust features of this all-in-one solution to increase engagement, traffic & revenue are as follows:

  • One-Stop for All UGC Feeds:- You can collect engaging user-generated content from various social media platforms that revolve around your brand (via handles, hashtags, mentions, and more).
  • Classy Customization:- Add personalization features like theme catalog, designs & layouts, banner, CTA, layouts, and more to highlight your UGC feeds. This is the best feature to creatively enhance the look of your social media feeds.
  • Accurate Analytics:- The Tagembed’s in-built analytics feature lets you measure the performance of your social media feeds & understand the intricate insights of the user’s behavior on your user-generated content.


In a nutshell, a free social media aggregator tool helps in embedding valuable and engaging social content and user-generated content on your website. It is also a result-driven investment to build and grow your business across a wider audience.

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