However, the problem with most of these services is that they are significantly varied in price and availability. Not only is Amazon Prime one of the most expensive streaming services, but it also lacks a number of films and television shows in specific areas.

You can’t do anything about the costly pricing in many countries while you might address the latter problem by using a VPN. Unless you look in the opposite direction for alternatives – which there are a plenty of. So, in this article, we’ll go through some of the greatest Amazon Prime Video replacements that you may experiment with in 2022!

#1 – Netflix

The first alternative to Amazon Prime Video on this list is Netflix, and you probably saw it coming a long time ago. There’s no way you haven’t heard of Netflix before, and its popularity speaks for itself. People have gathered that Netflix produces some of the finest exclusive movies and series because it has one of the widest film libraries available and excellent online streaming software. The app and web interfaces are also well-designed, which makes it one of the best online streaming services available.

#2 – Soap2day

The all-new face of India’s own streaming service – Soap2day – comes next on our list. When Hotstar initially debuted, it solely included some of the most popular sitcoms on Indian television, but it has since expanded to a variety of other categories. The merger with Disney+, which made it one of the greatest services for fans of Disney movies, is probably the finest thing that’s ever happened to Hotstar. Soap2day free has everything you could possibly desire, as well as catering to its Indian audience by including older series.

#3 – Flixtor

Following that, we have a streaming service that most people will appreciate since it has a lot of its material entirely for free because to the fact that it offers a large number of its programming completely for free. Flixtor Free Movies offers a collection of popular British television networks that you would more typically find in a regular cable TV plan.

You can now watch the most basic of shows and sitcoms without having to pay a monthly or yearly subscription charge on your cable TV. The Flixtor web version, as well as the Android and iOS apps, is well-designed. Pricing-wise, Hulu is one of the cheapest streaming services on this list, with most individuals being able to get by with its free edition without missing a single dime.

#4 – Goojara

Goojara is a subsidiary of Sony, which offers a modest collection of movies and television shows. If you compare it to Netflix or Prime Video, the Goojara library crumbles. The streaming service, on the other hand, is entirely free with just one requirement: being a user (which is also free). Goojara alternative isn’t yet available in several countries including India, but it appears to be a promising streaming site that can help you kill some extra time. Because Goojara Is completely free, there will be some commercials here and there.