Best and top ways for decorating Rakhi Thali

 Rakhi celebration time is the most enjoyable time that is cherished by brothers and sisters in India. This day tells us how siblings unconditionally love each other. They dress up nicely, decorate Rakhi Thalis, and plan out pleasant surprises for each other. Raksha Bandhan is all about expressing and displaying your heart-warming emotions. It tells us that the bond between brothers and sisters is just inseparable. As this event is coming up, so make sure to decorate Rakhi Thali with all magic, love, and affection embedded in it. Here you can check out in how many ways you can adorn and embellish Rakhi Thali of yours:


Decorating a Steel Rakhi Thali Traditionally


To decorate steel-made Rakhi Thali traditionally, there is an easy guide for you. Apart from sending gifts to India from USAthis Thali decoration part should be taken seriously by all sisters. To make such a Rakhi Thali platter, you need to design it as much attractively as you can. Simply get a steel Thali and paint it. Make sure to choose bright colored paints. Furthermore, you can design and paint this Thali in any manner you want to. Once done with paint, paste mirror cuttings on it. In addition, paste stars and any of the decorative items on it. You can even emboss Kundan, Stones.


Adorning a Bamboo Rakhi Thali plate


If it is a Bamboo made Rakhi Thali plate, you can embellish it in a fantastic style for sure. First of all, get a bamboo plate. If you could not find such a plate, then get a polystyrene plate. Start to stick a cloth right on the plate. You can choose the cloth color of your choice. After that, start sticking and pasting small stars on that Bamboo Thali plate. Moreover, at the boundary part of the plate, you can put any of the small earthen pitchers. This way, a pure Indian and traditional look will come on your Rakhi thali. In these pitchers, feel free to put tikka, roli, and also rice.


Making and embellishing a Pista laced thali for Raksha Bandhan


How about making a Pista laced thali? On this upcoming Raksha Bandhan eve, make sure that you follow this Rakhi thali decorating idea. For making this Pista laced plate, you need to paste a maroon velvet paper on that thali plate. The next step is to take pista shells and make halves of them. Paint their halves with golden color shade. In addition, stick these halves on the thali plate. To boost this thali look, you can stick five of the coupled-up Pista shells right in the center part of the plate. While placing them in the center, makes sure that the deep and hollow portion faces in an upward direction. Even more, in these hollow Pista faces, you should put turmeric, kumkum and also rice, and Roli.


Making a royal looking Rakhi Thali


Next, we have this Rakhi Thali decoration idea that can well give a royal look to this Raksha Bandhan plate. What you can do is to get hold of an oval-shaped Silver Plate. On that plate, add two silver bowls. The next step is to keep rice and roli in one bowl. In the second bowl, you need to add some dry fruits. To give a perfect and up-to-the-mark royal vibe to this Rakhi Thali, you should put a statue of Lakshmi-Ganesha. Feel free to put a coconut miniature as well. It is upon showing these little efforts that your Raksha Bandhan will look top-class.


So, while you make your plans to send gifts to India from USAyou need to decorate Rakhi Thali by showing all your efforts, sweat, and blood. Share with us how you decorate your Raksha Bandhan plate and keep tuned with us.

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