Best Live stream app

Today is the era of digitization. Anything we see around is connected to digital equipment one way or another. Using conventional methods to become famous doesn’t work now. The best way to become big today is the use of social media and digital media. And for being well-connected, you need to be on good terms with the people who follow your lifestyle. For this, one of the best methods to have that connection is Live videos. 

The biggest advantage of live video is the interaction between you and the users in real-time. It not only installs a sense of collectiveness, but also makes them feel that you like talking with them. Another benefit is that you can earn revenue by doing Live, since most Live videos allow users to send some emoticons or messages by paying some amount for it. In other words, a win-win for all. best app for making money

So in this blog, we’re going to talk about the best livestream apps using which you can make good money.

  1. Bigo Live- Bigo is a social networking app, similar to TikTok or any other app. But what makes this app different from its competitors is the live streaming option. The live option in this app is miles ahead of its competition. The very name of the app has live, so you can understand how much it means to them. Using this, the users can earn good money by doing live and the users giving them donations or gifts.

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  1. Changa-   Changa app is one of the incredible applications that is becoming famous in the short-video category quickly. The User Interface of the app is identical to TikTok, so those coming from TikTok won’t be having any problem in adjusting to it. Alongside this, you have the choice to share videos, WhatsApp status with, participate in Challenges, and substantially more stuff. Users can earn money on the Changa application by live-streaming their content. The live video will allow users to come live on the application and show their performance. The viewers will also have the chance to gift the performer in the form of coins.

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  1. Instagram- Instagram is an app that needs no introduction. Owned by social media giant Facebook, Instagram is an app for people to share their photos and daily lifestyle activities. For viewing someone, you need to follow them based upon their profile. While Insta was no different from Facebook for a lot of years, it brought in a major revamp that brought with it the live feature. Insta Live is one of the most commonly used and successful features that has increased the number of users by a good margin.  
  2. Facebook- Now, who doesn’t know the name of Facebook, the tech giant that started the social media boom? Facebook can be accessed from devices with internet connectivity, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. After registering, users can create a profile revealing information about themselves. They can post text, photos, and multimedia which is shared with any other users that have agreed to be their “friend”, or, with a different privacy setting, with any reader.

Well that was it for the best apps you can make money through live streaming. Hope this helps you.