Best Methods To Use Hammer VPN in Blocked Countries


Hammer VPN is a tool to encrypt all of your traffic and also prevents internet transactions from third-party hackers. Using this application you’ll be ready to get access to an unlimited free internet by fooling the ISP’s and DNS servers. In many country proxy and VPN services are blocked to take care of their privacy and adult data access through VPN servers. So users asked about hammer VPN blocked in their countries. Here you’ll find the methods to use Hammer VPN in blocked countries.

Use Hammer VPN in Blocked Countries

VPN allows connecting securely over the web and acts as a middleman between your device and your ISP. Unique proxies are given to every user, that’s how they identify the users. We will get free internet and security by hiding our proxy and fooling the ISP. There are tons of free servers and ports for testing within the Internet Providers for them to check. Using that as an advantage we will be able to bypass the firewall and access the free internet.


  • There are both free and premium accounts.
  • There is custom software for Windows to use this application.
  • Able to purchase the premium account using crypto-currencies also.
  • HammerVPN an Anti-DPI VPN restructures payload and header of your traffic making it nearly impossible to detect or get any idea about your traffic; thus gives you ultimate privacy protection and full-blown internet speed.


  • STEALTH VPN – It helps against DPI of your internet traffic
  • BANDWIDTH – Unlimited bandwidth. Free account limited to 100MB per day.
  • SECURITY – there’s a virtual firewall to stop malicious malware.
  • PORTS & PROXY – ready to connect through multiple ports and proxies.

The Hammer VPN is free to download in the Play Store, but they blocked some countries (including India) from using it thanks to the heavy load on the server.

How To Use Hammer VPN In Blocked Countries

There are two methods you’ll follow to form Hammer VPN working!!

METHOD 1 (No Rooting Needed)
It is the simplest method. Just download the older versions (before v2.3.0) of Hammer VPN.

NOTE: This is often the older version and a few features won’t work, but as I tested everything works fine.

METHOD 2 (Needs Rooted Device)
Make sure your device is rooted. Do you have XPOSED INSTALLER installed and active?
Open Xposed Installer and look for “LATACLYSM” and install the newest stable version.
download LATACLYSM.

Now attend modules and choose the LATACLYSM and reboot your device. ACTIVATE XPOSED MODULE.

After rebooting is completed, open LATACLYSM and tap the PackageName and look for the HAMMER VPN app. Once you discover the app just tap the text to repeat the package name.

Now come to the most menu, and choose SETTINGS and paste the copied package name within the PackageName tab (or) type this (in.hammervpn). Search for a hammer VPN.

Now select the position you favor. Just close the app and begin using your HAMMER VPN to enjoy unlimited internet.

2nd Method could be difficult for users with zero knowledge on the rooting process. Installing the Xposed module isn’t that easy nowadays since Android is updating its security day by day with advanced features.

You can try the first method if Downloading Hammer VPN is blocked in our location. If using Hammer VPN in blocked countries, we will use the 2nd method. If you guys have the other method than this will share within the comment box below.


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