Umrah travel

Umrah is the most important Islamic responsibility of capable Muslims. Muslims seek to touch the Holy Kaaba and to tour the grave of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. You might be the fortunate one chosen by the Lord of the Heavens for this unprecedented mission. Several travel agencies are offering affordable 12 nights exotic Umrah packages, from which you may select the best one for you. Following the reservation procedure, there are some important advice and instructions to help you make the most of your Umrah:

Actual Intent

Before you leave, complete all of the required mystical arrangements. Keep your intentions clean and solely for Allah almighty.

Research About Umrah and Its Rituals

Do your research on Umrah rites ahead of time. Purchase some quality publications and print internet content for reading. Before going for the excursion, put all intercessory prayers and rites on notes and attempt to learn as many as you can.

Be Physically & Mentally Prepared

Practice a lot of walking and vigorous exercise. You may travel from Haram to your accommodation at least 10 times each day. Expect a lot of anger, irritation, and mental agony. These factors should not get in the way of your objective.

Clothes and Stuff

The weather in Mecca and Medina varies greatly. In comparison to Medina, the climate in Mecca is relatively severe. It’s chilly, notably after Fajr in Medina. Bring some warm clothing in case you get ill. Carry an additional Ihram in case something goes wrong.

Keep All Your Essentials

Carry several plastic bags in which to store your Quran, prayer rug, and footwear. Take a little bag or pocketbook to keep your cash and passports in it, and put it beneath your abaya. Avoid bringing purses; they will cause you problems.

Photocopies of Valuable Documents

All of your vital documents should be photocopied, scanned, and sent to your email and family. Moreover, you should have 2 to 3 copies of each and every document with you at different places.

Be with Good and Credible People

Go along with decent companions who urge you to perform Tahajjud and Ibadahs instead of those who prefer to go outside at nighttime for shopping.

Find a Reliable Company

Search thoroughly and choose a reliable company that can offer you great and cheap packages without burning your pockets unnecessarily.

The Significance of Accurate Timings

From 1:00 AM till Fajr is the optimum time for Tawaf, Sa’i, and kissing the black stone. At this time, the mosque is less crowded and it gets easy for people to perform all the rituals carefully and conveniently.


Try praying as many Ishraqs, Awwabeen, Duha, and Tasbeeh as possible on a continuous basis. Make Tawaf your first priority. Give as much charity as you can, smile at strangers, and meet them. Make an effort to do as much kindness as feasible.

Make Dua

Keep a diary with all of your Dua’s. Perform Dua for yourself, your families, and the whole Muslim community. You are privileged to be in such a heavenly and mystical setting. Take full use of the opportunity to become closer to Allah SWT.

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