PUBG, the purest distillation of the Battle Royale genre, maintains a huge following even after four years and its blood-soaked little brother PUBG Mobile is even more accessible, with a wide variety of extra game modes, plus the ability to be played. on low-end devices.

However, neither game is free from controversy nor in countries such as Iraq, China, Pakistan and India; at least one version of the game is not regularly available. This is where a PUBG VPN comes in, and in many cases it’s super easy to unblock PUBG anywhere. Using the best VPN for PUBG can allow you to circumvent network and regional restrictions on the game and can also be useful if you find that your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection is limited while playing.

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ITop VPN – the best VPN for PUBG and gaming

ITop VPN is our top-notch VPN when it comes to gaming, and as a PUBG VPN it’s no different, this VPN is great at lowering ping when lag happens, providing you with a great gaming experience.

With excellent connection speeds you won’t often find yourself losing to players with faster connections. Importantly, iTop VPN’s connections are super reliable too, so you won’t find yourself missing out on moments in the end zones.

Apps across all devices, from your Android phone to Fire TV, share the same clean and clear interface, so the experience is the same on any iTop VPN installation. However, the most important advantage is the fact that the provider is able to unblock content in almost any country in the world.

How to use a VPN with PUBG on PC

To use VPN with PUBG on your PC first of all you need to download melhor vpn para pc .Just like with PUBG Mobile, if you live in a country where gaming is prohibited, you will need to use your PUBG VPN to change your location before you can play. However, the Steam platform is the only way to get the original PUBG game on your PC, and recent changes mean that if your location doesn’t match your payment details, you won’t be able to download it unless you already have it installed.

Unfortunately, as of May 2021, the free PUBG Lite has been canceled worldwide, meaning there’s really no workaround for avoiding bans on PC. However, even though we haven’t tested it, using an Android emulator like BlueStacks along with your PUBG VPN to download PUBG Mobile to your PC could be effective.

To do this, the desktop version of your VPN will work perfectly and you should only install PUBG on BlueStacks, not the VPN.

Frequently asked questions FAQ’s

Can you get banned for using a VPN on PUBG?

We haven’t seen any evidence of people banned for using a VPN with PUBG on PC, but PUBG Mobile is known to take a tough stance towards cheaters and those who break the rules.

There is evidence that you may get banned if the game realizes that you are using a VPN, so to avoid this, we recommend using a service that is known to go undetected, such as iTop VPN

Will a PUBG VPN boost my ping?

This is complicated. Compared to your standard connection at top speeds, a VPN is likely to slightly increase your ping, but, if you’re very close to one of your VPN’s servers, it might lower it if you’re lucky.

However, if it’s a choice between not playing and playing with a usable, albeit not lightning-fast, 100ms ping, we’d take the latter any day of the week.