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A branded SMS is a text message which is sent by a company or brand name with an intention of marketing it. SMS are short messaging services (SMS), which carry brief text messages. They are totally different from regular SMS texts. SMS is able to retain the recipient’s attention for a much longer time. There are various advantages of SMS marketing.

Branding: A company or brand has to select a specific message which should be sent to its target audience. For instance, an organization has to send its message to a section of people who may be interested in its products and services. SMS marketing allows a company to reach out to its customers who are not aware of its existence. It has the ability to create awareness about a product that cannot be done by other media. The SMS messaging service offers companies a more interactive experience and also makes a connection between the customer and the company, which was otherwise impossible.

Reach a large number of people: One of the largest advantages of SMS marketing is that it reaches a large number of people at a time. An SMS only contains a small message but is often able to convey a large number of meanings and commands to its users. Even though the number of users is low, the message is often able to retain the user’s attention for a longer period. Brands using SMS can easily promote their products and services to a large number of people within a very short period of time. This advantage is especially beneficial for small businesses which are unable to afford expensive marketing campaigns.

Branding Tips for SMS Text Marketing Campaigns

Minimal cost: SMS can be sent to a large number of users for little or no cost. Most software comes with its own SMS gateway, which allows it to be accessed via a computer, smartphone or mobile device. The software required for SMS sending is available free of charge. There is no hardware required for SMS. In case of any hardware requirement, it can be bought from the manufacturer or service provider.

Brand recognition: SMS has the ability to brand names and create a name for a product and thus reach a wider audience. It is possible for a manufacturer to create awareness about its products by sending out SMS which has a logo or a name instead of a tagline or mere text. SMS has been instrumental in creating brand loyalty. It allows companies to promote their brand name and hence generate increased sales. As there is no hardware required, the cost of an SMS is significantly less.

Business benefits: Many businesses have realized the benefits of SMS marketing and hence are investing in increasing the usage of mobile communication. They use bulk SMS for advertising and reaching a targeted audience. It helps to send emails to multiple contacts at the same time which helps inefficient communication and response. It is possible for a single SMS to go to hundreds of contacts. Hence, as there is no hardware required, the cost of marketing is very less. The SMS is directly sent to the customers and hence does not incur any wastage of resources.

Best way to advertise: SMS has the capability of reaching a wide targeted audience at a single point in time. Branded SMS is the best way to promote your product and services to a large audience at the same time. Branded SMS also helps in improving brand awareness. When a consumer searches on the internet, he comes across several brands and at times is confused and is unable to choose the correct product. SMS allows you to send out a message that clearly spells out your name, website URL, business name, and all other relevant details to make it easy for the customer to identify your brand.

Promote your business: Every business owner wants to reach out to a maximum number of customers. It is possible with SMS marketing as it reaches the potential target audience at the right time. A leading SMS platform like a dedicated SMS service provider or a mobile application development company can help you market your products and services to the right target audience at the right time. You can also use online tools like webcams, videos and slide shows to showcase the product or service to the audience. It will definitely increase the business for you and will make you popular among the masses.

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