A Guide about Birthstones by Month


Birthstones are known with names gems, jewels, pearls etch when they cut and embedded in jewelry. For the ease of human beings these ornamental pieces are associated with the months and for this purpose a chart is published for the understanding. With month-wise classification, the characteristics of each stone are defined to make easy selection for intended wearers.

People have awareness with their horoscopes and in the same manner when you inquired them about their birthstones, they reply you at the moment you finish your sentence. You have observed in the current era that birthstones are used in various pieces of jewelry like in rings, bracelets, necklaces and earring. Birthstones are used in the current modern society as they were the companions of ancient societies to deliver them wellness and happiness.

Discovered Region of Birthstones

Christians did their job in creating a relation between the twelve months of a year and also linked with the zodiac signs. They planted in the mind of the people that the gems are identified with the astrological beliefs and individuals will enjoy with the fruits of the gems when wear them in specific duration of the year.

People do experiment by wearing a stone for one month and notice what type of attributes developed in them with use of it. This gemstone wearing practice was done with another orientation that the stones were worn in the specific months for which the owners have date of birth. Change in their personality attribute was noted. There was not complete agreement on the association of birthstones with their months till 1912 that was cured in the coming years.

Association of Gemstones with the Months of Year

The calendar defines twelve months that are associated with zodiac sign.  The Birthstones by month with their brief characteristic are given in the below steps

  • The January birthstone is Garnet that has resemblance in look with pomegranate and because of its high refractive index; it appears that stone is generating light.
  • Amethyst is gemstone for those luckiest individuals that are born in the month of February and ancients Egyptians used to wear it in the jewelry that practice is still continued.
  • Aquamarine is Pisces birthstone that is desired highly because of its deep blue color, with less impurities in the crystal make the crystal beautiful. Sailors use this stone under their pillow to enjoy calm and cool sleep.
  • You will find Aries Birthstone in April and Aries Birthstone Color is white that is diamond, the rare stone in the world.
  • May Birthstone is Emerald found in green color and shows resistance to the scratches.
  • Alexandrite is June birthstone is found in yellowish hues that are matching with diamond of grade Z.
  • Ruby is the most expensive birthstone exists in red color and associated with month of July. It is also known as Cancer Birthstone.
  • Peridot is Leo birthstone found in yellowish green color and its month according to chart is August.
  • September Birthstone is Lapis Lazuli; it was discovered in Afghanistan, a soft stone having blue color.
  • Libra birthstone is tourmaline that is associated with the month of October. It is also called healing stone.
  • November Birthstone is Citrine that is used is the quartz jewelry.
  • Turquoise is December Birthstone known as a stone with friendship color.


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