Bose Companion 50 Multimedia Speaker: A Great Addition to your Music Arsenal

Looking for a great desktop speaker that gives you a surround sound experience? If you are a gamer, you really wanted to have this kind of speakers in your collection. A single connection to your computer with a deep accurate bass and an energy-saving sleeping mode. A unique feature for a speaker released long time ago that is still click for the new year.

If you are a gamer who wants to have an aesthetically pleasing desktop, these speakers can help you achieved that goal. The Bose Companion 50 Multimedia Speakers is the speaker who you wanted. With its rich, detailed sound with a wide soundstage. This will give you a great experience for watching movies, playing games, or even to listening to music. The Bose Companion 50 Multimedia Speaker can give the highest and the most beautiful quality of sound all in one device.

 The design is considered to be a great one as it is given an all-in-one control pod that gives you power to your volume, the analogs, an audio jack for your headphones and a mute button that can be found on the top of the pod. This gives the user the one tap mute button, much more accessible if you received a sudden call while listening to your music. The Bose speakers also gives you the aluminum color, much more aesthetically pleasing if you wanted to add some metallic touch to your gaming arsenal.

The number of speakers that is inside the package will come in 3’s the subwoofer and the other 2 speakers that will be placed on the side of your monitor. This will have a multiple wiring connection that will not please some of the speaker enthusiast, but its’ upside is the way this speaker do its job. The design will always send the sound into you ears instead of your chest because of the curve design on the desktop speaker and because of the wide soundstage that the speaker is equipped with.

The speakers are also suitable if you wanted to make your living room receive a music. Also, this can be use if you wanted to do a house party, the Bose Companion 50 can give you the sound that everyone can hear with the distortions unnoticeable. However, the idea of outdoor using with this speaker is not that considerable because of the reason that the sound maximum volume of it is not that strong for the outside environment.

Here are some information you wanted to know about the Bose Companion 50 Multimedia Speakers.

More Sound. Less Clutter. Easy Set-up.

A fine sound produce coming from a five speaker surrounds system. This is good to be used in a living room space, yet impractical if being used in a desktop computer. The desktop speakers will give the user the sound that everyone wanted to have while listening to music, although the mid and the high tune of the singers can be that audible as sometimes it cannot be recognized, but when it comes to the bass, the speakers can give you a very beautiful sound that every user will agree with. Some users consider the sound system great for workspace desktop set-up.

Energy Saving Sleep Mode.

A speaker that sleeps after 30 minutes of inactivity. This speaker’s ability to sleep will help the users not to worry about the on going sound coming from the speakers if not used. This feature is a great addition if you are purposely using the speakers in an office desktop. This will help the users avoid some unnecessary noises that might come out from your computer.

General Entertainment.

The Bose Companion 50 Multimedia Speakers is a game changer when it comes to fun. The sound coming from the desktop speakers might not be that loud but when some twisting done to the volume button at the back of the subwoofer, the speaker can give a fun and loud sound inside your living room and apartment enough for partying. It is also good for movie watching, Netflix, and especially gaming. If you wanted to experience a game changer, these speakers are great choice.

Size and Weight.

The size and weight of the speakers are technically good. With the satellite speakers weighing roughly 660g and with the height of 219mm, 139mm in width and 91 mm in length. The satellite speakers will not occupy so many spaces in your desktop. On the other hand, Acoustimass or also know as subwoofer weighs just over 4640g and measures 218mm in height, 173mm in width and 348mm in length. This size is considered to be not that huge but can give you the surround sound and the powerful bass that every listener wants to feel when using this Soundsystem.

In overall, the Bose 50 Multimedia Speakers is a great gear supply for your party and gaming needs, with its aluminum color that will add aesthetically pleasing effects, the sound, and the size that does not eat to much of space these speakers are a good addition to your gaming arsenal.

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