Flowers is the best medium; the different colors of flowers in a bouquet convey different meanings. Read BOUQUETS CAN HELP YOU SPEAK.Flowers and bouquets are used as gifts on auspicious days all over the world. They are used in weddings, birthdays, and Christmas as they symbolize love and admiration, and that’s why they are given as gifts worldwide. Apart from gifts, flowers are kept at home since they are alluring, brighten people’s mood, and keep the air clean at home.

Express your feelings

Sometimes words fail to express your feelings. That’s when bouquets come in handy. Apart from these occasions, they express your feelings like:

Expressing gratitude

Express gratitude to someone who has helped you and has always worked hard for you; bouquets can always present your feelings. Since you won’t know whether they would like chocolate or sending a dress and worrying if the dress is unfit, carnation bouquets would never go wrong, and they would perfectly convey your feelings.

Expressing condolence

This is the time where words sometimes would not convey your feelings. An inspirational way to do this is by sending flowers and ensuring that you are by their side in this tough time and help them get through it.
Saying get well soon

It is said that a bouquet in your room makes it very lively and fills it with happiness. These flowers send messages of hope and faith and tell the person that he/she is not alone and you will always be present for any type of help required to them.


Wondering what type of flowers you should use on different occasions? It is one of the most important questions. While selecting flowers, people need to keep in mind if they look good. Does the bouquet signify the right thing? Each occasion requires the use of different types of flowers as they symbolize other things. Some flowers used on various occasions are given below-

Weddings- Composite bouquets, hand-tied bouquets are the most used bouquets in a wedding. They are simple and beautiful and are hence suggested and used by most people.

Valentine’s day- The red rose bouquet symbolizes love and is used by almost everyone on this day as they express your love perfectly. Apart from these, orchids and lily bouquets are also used on this day.

Birthday- There are many popular bouquets like daisies, roses given on birthdays. You can also give the flower of their month as a gift.

For example – For birthdays falling in July, maybe given water lilies.
Mothers day- Roses and tulips are the most go-to bouquets to express feelings to your mother on Mother’s day because these flowers convey the message of love and respect for your mother. It is a wonderful gesture to the one who has looked after you for your whole life.


In many countries of the world, gifts are given on occasions and on days like welcoming a family member from a trip or showing respect to someone. Bouquets are used as an expression for many things like love, sorrow, care, and romance. But the significance can vary depending on the color of the flower. While red rose bouquets signify optimism, white flowers are for mourning; thus, different flowers and bouquets express different meanings. A bouquet is not just a bunch of flowers; it is a way of expressing our love, respect, and care towards others.


We have looked at different types of flowers, their significance, and at what occasions and events they are used and given to express feelings. They are used at birthdays and Christmas, weddings, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and more. They are used to express feelings of gratitude, sorrow and to say get well soon. They are kept in homes because they boast the moods of people and fill the house with happiness. Flowers are also known to clean the air with fragrance and positivity. That’s why choosing the perfect bouquet for an event is the best way to express your feelings to others. Hope you love reading “BOUQUETS CAN HELP YOU SPEAK”