New organizations are entering the corporate world rapidly and strengthening their roots, leading to increased competition. As the corporate world is becoming competitive day by day, it has become imperative to maintain consistent performance for achieving success in the longer run. Here, the business analyst with the business analyst certification under the belt comes into the picture.

As the competition increases and everyone strives to be the ”best,” the business analysts are the only savior. A business analyst ensures that your business doesn’t derail from the right path in any manner.

In today’s post, we’ll understand the roles and responsibilities, payscale, future prospects, and becoming a business analyst.

The Business Analyst Job Overview and What They do?

Business analysts are responsible for improving the organizations’ crucial business processes. The business analysts conduct thorough research for evaluating the organizations’ key problems and their potential solutions. These professionals also integrate new digital and manual solutions for improving the company’s daily productivity.

As various new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Automation are warmly welcomed in the corporate world, everyone has understood the importance and benefits of analytics. Having a business analyst certification is necessary for understanding the art of analytics.

In the upcoming five years, around 90% of organizations will be using analytics that further increases the job opportunities of business analysts.

The Business Analyst Job Description

In large organizations, business analysis has become a key practice. Business analysis means evaluating the changing business needs, understanding the impact of these changes, and sharing the final feedback among the stakeholders or respective authorities.

The business analysts undoubtedly boost the company’s profitability and sustainability in the corporate world. These professionals assist the companies in improving their products/services quality.

The Major Roles and Responsibilities of the Business Analysts

As the business analyst certification is a highly valued degree, these professionals work with the higher management team. The business analysts monitor everything from production to delivery and marketing too. Below, we’re mentioning the major roles and responsibilities of the business analysts.

  •       Introducing new systems or solutions for increasing daily productivity.
  •       Testing the systems for ensuring enhanced overall functioning.
  •       Understanding, analyzing, and gathering the company’s requirements.
  •       Using the technical solutions and resolving the business problems.
  •       Conducting meetings with the web developers and architects to improve operational efficiency.
  •       Interacting with the company’s upper management team for bringing new changes to the daily activities.

Having a business analyst certification under the belt means taking numerous roles and responsibilities on the shoulders.

The Skills Required To Become An Skilled Business Analyst

Like other job roles, it’s mandatory to possess specific skills to get into the boots of a business analyst. To become a skilled business analyst, business and technical skills are necessary. Below, we’re mentioning the list of skills needed to become a business analyst.

  •       Analytical problem-solving ability
  •       Basic understanding of programming languages
  •       Basic understanding of software
  •       Cost-benefit analysis
  •       Knowledge of the latest trends in the corporate world
  •       Interpersonal skills
  •       Understanding of the business structure
  •       Creative thinking
  •       Data Visualization and Data Mining
  •       Database design
  •       SQL Databases
  •       Good communication skills
  •       Process modeling
  •       Passion for creating and introducing new technical solutions
  •       Understanding of networks and databases

In simpler words, pursuing the business analyst certification helps you acquire these essential yet in-demand skills mentioned above. 

The Roadmap To Becoming An Business Analyst

Thanks to the internet that allows you to know about any job role within seconds. Below, we’re sharing the best roadmap to becoming a business analyst.

  •       Get a bachelor’s degree

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree is a must to become a business analyst. Regardless of your career stream, you can still join the analytics field.


  •       Pursue an advanced degree in business analytics

You have to pursue any advanced business analytics course to hold the relevant job role in any company. Having a master’s in business analytics or business administration makes you attractive in the employers’ eyes.

  •       Get certified

You also have the freedom to pursue the business analyst certification to acquire advanced knowledge about business analysis. Many top-rated universities and colleges provide business analyst certifications. Also can see PMI PBA Course in London.

  •       Gain some experience

If you’ve recently qualified as a business analyst, try to get some internships in any company to acquire knowledge and work experience.

Which Are The Well-Known Companies Hiring Business Analysts?

Regardless of the company type, industry type, and nature, almost every organization requires well-qualified candidates having high-end business analysis skills. Nowadays, more and more companies need business analysts to develop solutions, project management, and improve daily productivity. Below, we’re mentioning some well-known companies hiring business analysts every year.

  •       Infosys
  •       IBM
  •       Deloitte
  •       Wipro
  •       TCS
  •       Accenture

What About the Payscale of Business Analysts?

Undoubtedly, the business analyst jobs are in-demand because they require candidates who have thorough business and analytical skills. According to industry standards, the average pay scale for senior business analysts is around 10-12 lakh per annum. On the other hand, the fresher earns around 4-7 lakh per year.

What is the Future of Business Analysts?

Many organizations rely on their business analysts to show them the right path and follow the right practices. If any business requires analytics for sales or other purposes, they must believe in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

On the other hand, the employers will also be hiring candidates having fair knowledge about these technologies. Because you might have heard ‘AI is the future.’ As a result, business analysts won’t be warming the benches even when low-skilled employees will get unemployed.

In the upcoming years, the need for business analysts will increase in every major sector. From financial institutions to e-commerce giants, everybody will be hiring business analysts rapidly. The future of business analysts is very bright in the upcoming years.

Final Thoughts

As a result, if you love the idea of analyzing the data, resolving problems at a higher level, and multitasking in the ever-growing IT sector, you should indeed pursue the business analyst certification.

The earlier you become a skilled business analyst, the better opportunities will be waiting at your door.


By Roman Jaxon

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