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Kitchen renovation either its flooring or cabinetry always goes hand in hand. Sometimes, after a floor redo, you find that cabinets are outdated and vice versa. No doubt, kitchen cabinets with outdated look seems awkward. Unquestionably kitchen cabinets distributors can help you in this regard.
So, if you are planning a kitchen redo, don’t ignore the cabinets. Whatever your budget is, try to replace them or paint or any other suitable option. But, don’t spare them. For this purpose, you can read an inspirational guide. Given below are all the trends that will allow your kitchen to stand out.

If we talk about kitchen trends in 2021, all modern and classical trends will work. However, you ask for further details from the nearby kitchen cabinets distributor.

Okay! So let’s move forward.

1. Open shelves kitchen cabinets
2. Slab door cabinets
3. White kitchen cabinets
4. Blue kitchen cabinets
5. Two-toned cabinets
6. Grey kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets distributor

1. Open Shelves kitchen cabinets

The kitchen cabinet with open shelves has got a recent rise. These cabinets look stylish and clean. However, these cabinets are mainly designed for the small kitchen. As they provide more space as well as make your kitchen less messy. These cabinets have fewer hinges and yes they are less expensive. No doubt all of us tend to make the kitchen clutter-free so, this is an ideal choice. You can also place decor elements in these cabinets. They are a perfect choice for farmhouse kitchen styles.

2. Slab Door Cabinets

Slab cabinet doors are incredibly trendy. Some are so sleek that they don’t even have door knobs or handles! Slab kitchen cabinet have smooth, frameless fronts and can be found in a variety of shiny textures. And is available in a variety of gleaming textures.
Today, you can find slab cabinet doors in a shiny or wood finish all over the place. It clings to a simple design pattern. These cabinets are an excellent way to revitalize your kitchen and are particularly popular in smaller spaces. If you are looking for these cabinets visit your kitchen cabinets distributors today. Don t delay.

3. Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Don’t worry, this is not the blue you are thinking about. Most often blue cabinets come with a navy base or a grey tone. These cabinets have a more neutral base as compared to a dark tone. These cabinets provide a fun look. However, this is a perfect contrast that looks incredible in all ways. However, it has gained recent popularity.

Blue adds much-needed contrast to stark white kitchens and creates a darker, homier atmosphere. Blue kitchen cabinet are also a great choice for those who want to give their home a more relaxed or boho feel. Go to your nearby kitchen cabinet distributors and ask them about the sale, so that you can buy them at less price.

4. White kitchen cabinets (buy them on sale from kitchen cabinets distributor)

These cabinets work well in less busy kitchens. However, they are loved by all. These cabinets have a modern and sleek look. These cabinets make your space brighter and look more spacious. This is the good thing about them, otherwise, dark cabinets cannot do this for you.

White kitchen cabinet work perfectly with all the other styles such as farmhouse design. These cabinets are flexible yet most elegant. Try using these cabinets in rustic or country-style kitchens.

5. Two-Toned kitchen cabinets

These kitchen cabinets are amazing in all ways. They are unique and work in the most efficient way. These kitchen cabinets are great for both traditional and modern kitchens, however, they have a white upper portion with a dark base. Base color varies. Of course, it’s your own choice.

Usually, you can find, yellow, blue, green, mint, and purple. All of these colors look superb. The two-toned style is everyone’s favorite, yet people are still confused. White upper cabinets with a bold base provide a dramatic aura. However, these colors also not look messy. And, this is an incredible fact about them.

6. Grey kitchen cabinet

What a good idea it is that the same flooring is trending with cabinets. For instance, if you have grey vinyl flooring and you are confused about the cabinets. So, don’t worry. This is not so overwhelming. Grey cabinets work perfectly with grey floors. So half of your kitchen redo is almost done. Moreover, grey is going to be trendy in 2021 as well.

Keep in mind that with dark grey backsplash, light grey cabinets work. You can get the best pop-up in this way. Moreover, people who love neutral tones in the house can use grey as their most favorite tone. Last but not least grey cabinets also look great in white kitchens.


Kitchen cabinet distributors tend to fulfill the homeowner’s demand. They usually have all the trendy cabinets. Moreover, they have a proper sales guide to tell you about the latest trends. So, what are you waiting for, do your best and enjoy the beautiful kitchen?