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Today’s times indicate that more people are now focusing on health and fitness in comparison to previous years. Lifestyles today are strenuous, constraining and draining. The COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone into a lockdown and those who were infected went into self isolation. Today’s hectic routine has given everyone a dead end of sorts in terms of health and fitness. This has raised concerns of everyone over health and fitness more than ever. Maintaining health today is everyone’s top objective. Such a situation can be of great benefit to everyone for those wishing to create a name today. If they wish to make that name via mobile apps then they can do it because fitness apps are being made today.

However, there is a plethora of fitness apps in today’s app market for fitness apps.

THe prospect of a fitness app is not bad at all. But it should involve dedicated app developers as a plethora of fitness app ideas are floating around in the market. When a fitness app is going to be made, it should be unique with its USP (unique selling point) attracting users instead of drawing them away.

Let us now read this article to know more:

What kind of fitness apps are available in the market?

If companies think they can start easily with their own process for developing fitness apps and that too at their earliest, then they should do it slowly. Because it is imperative to know the kind of fitness app needs to be made and for what kind of audience. No one can obviously prefer being like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque.

Here are some kinds of fitness apps that can be developed:

Diet and nutrition apps

Everybody needs to have a business diet if they wish to attain fitness. Nutrition and diet applications can be added among the ideas present fitness apps by app development companies. With the help of these apps, users can obtain details like ideal sugar intake level, calories, water intake, preference of food items, healthy dishes etc.

This kind of a fitness app functions as a digital dietician and is able to assist people in following a diligent diet plan.

Workout apps

Among the many choices present, if there is a health and fitness app, then a workout app is a good idea. These kinds of apps are highly successful as the global revenue for these appsrose to USD$ 365.2 billion in 2018.

Research indicates that these figures are anticipated to rise even more in the next few years. Companies looking forward to creating such an app for both  iOS and Android phones should realize that they are on the right path. Among the many kinds of such apps present are workout scheduling apps and apps for personal workouts.

Fitness tracking apps

An app for tracking fitness activity is a good thing for app development firms to focus on. These apps are downloaded by a lot of people because they are helpful in tracking physical actions of people like swimming, jogging, running, walking, cycling etc.

These types of applications often employ motion sensors in smartphones with GPS so they can track users’ movements. They also offer reliable data regarding activities like running, figures for stairs climbed, water intake, number of hours slept and the like. Users through this can determine the activity they should work on more. 

Technology Stack required

Technologies required for developing fitness apps determine how convenient it will be for users  to use the app and how much popularity it can gain in time. Employing these technologies for creating fitness apps is necessary due to the evolving nature of the mobile apps universe.

  • Authentication – Nexmo & Twilio.
  • Real-time analytics – Big Data, Cisco, Apache Flink, Hadoop IBM, Spark etc.
  • Programming – GWT.
  • Operating system – Debian.
  • Payment gateways – E Wallets, Stripe, PayPal, Braintree and the like.
  • Data management – Datastax.
  • Push notifications – Twilio &
  • Database – MongoDB, HBase, Postgres, MailChimp Integration, Cassandra, etc.

What features need should be finalized when making these kind of mobile apps?

The competition for fitness apps is rising today and is becoming quite tough. For any app development company desiring to create their own app, the features should stand out and should also benefit users so they can find it quite useful. Among the needed features  are:

  • User profile..
  • Synchronization of wearable devices.
  • User’s geographical location.
  • Methods for payment.
  • Rewards.