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Many CBD sellers and manufacturers are still on the verge of a marketing nightmare. They are still searching for the best CBD marketing stunt they can pull off. Marketing CBD products are still very challenging nowadays despite the fact that more and more states and countries have opened up to this alternative medicine.

And to add more insult to the injury, Google still doesn’t allow advertising CBD on its platform, making it more difficult for CBD suppliers. The same goes for social media platforms, including Instagram.

Instagram and other social media platforms prohibit any advertising that mentions CBD on its copy. However, you can still do something to market your CBD products on Instagram or other social media platforms without going against the rules. If you want to know more about this method, you must continue reading.

Strategies to Leverage Instagram for Your CBD Marketing

So, the question remains: “can you advertiseCBD on Instagram”? Advertising CBD on IG is possible as long as you follow specific strategies. Here are some strategies you can use to leverage Instagram for your CBD marketing campaign properly.

Market Your Product as Hemp-Based

Since Instagram prohibits the mention of CBD in their advertisements, you should market your product as a hemp-based product. It was observed that any Adverts on Instagram that uses CBD and target teens would lead to your account being blocked.

Moreover, adverts that mention CBD but don’t have a specific target audience only result in a warning for violating their privacy policy. Meanwhile, ads that don’t mention CBD and don’t have a specific target audience but instead use the word hemp product don’t get any reaction from Instagram.

The reason behind this is because of the origin of where CBD is extracted. There are two methods of extracting CBD, one from marijuana plants and the other from hemp plants. And under the 2018 bill, the CBD extracted from hemp plants is legal, while CBD from Marijuana plants is considered illegal.

All the problems CBD marketers face on Instagram are all because of the origin of CBD. Therefore, advertising your products as hemp-based instead of CBD can put your products on Instagram and reach appropriate audiences.

Leverage Influencer Marketing

Since the traditional marketing approach is out of the picture due to how sensitive CBD topics are, why not use an unconventional approach like using influencers. Your marketing stunt must be very attractive to the audience to ensure effectiveness.

The next workaround we will discuss is using influencer marketing to market your CBD products. An influencer can be a person or a platform that significantly influences audiences.

Today, the most popular type of influencers are content creators. In fact, these content creators even became brand ambassadors of huge global brands. As brand ambassadors, influencers act as people who use and recommend a specific brand or product without directly representing or working for the company.

Using the same strategy as these big companies, you can leverage influencers and let them market your CBD product without getting entangled in a web of marketing regulations.

But before you hire an influencer, you should first check if your chosen influencer is respected and trusted on Instagram and other platforms. They should also have a huge audience so you can be assured that you get the best out of your money, knowing that many people will know about your product through the influencer.

Make Use of Content Marketing

You can also use content marketing on your Instagram as a CBD marketing stunt. Instead of directly advertising your product, what you will do is post a blog instead. This blog will redirect your audiences to the advertisement of your product outside Instagram.

On the blog, you can also add a link to your website where the readers will see what your business is about. However, keep in mind that you are not allowed to mention “CBD” in your content. Hemp-based will do the trick.

You can also add content to your Instagram story related to your CBD products. Ensure to tag people on your story. It is also best to use hashtags on your Instagram story. The hashtags should be related to your CBD products and the locations where they can purchase your products.

By doing this, you can redirect Instagram users who will search for CBD products to your IG Story, and they will see your content. The most critical part of this Instagram marketing strategy is that your content should not indicate that you are marketing CBD products.

Reposting On Instagram

The last technique we will discuss in how to market your CBD product is reposting relevant content on IG. Reposting content that catches our attention is a normal occurrence on Instagram. Therefore, reposting content can be an effective strategy for marketing your brand on IG.

Look for content that is relevant to your products and repost it. Add links on the captions that will redirect your audiences to your website. Reposting content is an excellent way to advertise your CBD product on IG without violating their policy as long as you don’t mention CBD and don’t target teenagers.

Why Should You Use Instagram for CBD Marketing?

Instagram is known to be one of the top-ranked social media platforms today. Therefore, posting any adverts on this platform will surely boost your company’s brand awareness. As a result, your sale will skyrocket immediately.

As you can see, nowadays, most influencers use Instagram more than other social media platforms available. Because of this, it is safe to say that the majority of the market is also on Instagram, which is why influencers thrive in this environment.

With that being said, advertising on Instagram means that your ads will reach a lot of people on that one platform alone.

To Sum It Up

So, can you sell CBD on Instagram? The answer is Yes. Although there are restrictions on advertising CBD products, some workarounds will help you put your products on Instagram without worrying about getting banned.

It is vital that no matter what the hindrance is, you can still advertise your CBD products on Instagram because it is one of the most popular social media today. As long as you follow the strategies suggested above, you can increase your company’s brand awareness and reach the right target market for this alternative medicine.