Car Locksmiths

In the last few years, Brisbane and Gold Coast have been named Australia’s car theft capitals repeatedly. With 2,000 plus thefts in a year, Brisbane stands number one in the cities with the most car thefts. Meanwhile, the town of Queensland is one of the most populated cities in the nation, and you can see several vehicles parked outside your neighbourhood, shops, salons, and several other establishments; it makes the city a paradise for car thieves. And 2,115 is just the number of cars that are stolen, several cars are damaged after the unsuccessful attempts from the thieves, and the car locks are the parts that are always damaged during the robbery. So when this happens, you have no choice but to call a Brisbane locksmith.

When hiring a locksmith, people have many misconceptions and stereotypes. And if you are also having doubts about hiring a locksmith, you must read the rest of the article, as you will understand the reality of the locksmiths and the services they offer.

So following are the usual misconceptions people have about the locksmiths:

  1. They Are Only Available During Office Hours

It might be true for a few locksmiths, but most professionals are available 24×7 for the service. Why? Because the locksmiths are wanted in emergencies, and you cannot rely on someone who cannot reach your location in emergencies. Whether it’s your car keys, house keys, or key of almirah, a locksmith is a person you call in emergencies.

So the next time you have a similar emergency, don’t hesitate to call a Brisbane locksmith. And, if the locksmith refuses to come at odd times, you better find another one for the job who’s more reliable and offer their service 24×7.

  1. A Car Locksmith Only Opens Certain Locks

This one is a strong misconception people have about locksmiths. Locksmiths are very talented and can open almost all kinds of locks, including locks of safe lockers. Hence, they are familiar with different car locks, regardless of the car’s brand.

One more thing you need to understand is that if the locksmith cannot open the lock and is making excuses, there’s a possibility that he is an amateur, and you must call another one nearby the location.

Before the pandemic (2017-18), Brisbane, Queensland, saw a 15% increase in car theft (as per The National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council). So there’s no doubt that the situation will return to this after the pandemic is over, increasing the demand for the locksmiths

  1. They Will Keep a Copy of Your Original Key

This is a very wrong misconception. But, it is not just a foolish thought, as it is also an illegal thing to do so. So, when the locksmith makes a brand new key for your lock or changes the whole lock and key, he makes the original key and one or two additional keys. And all those keys will be given to you, and he will never make or keep a similar key.

It is time to remove all your misconceptions about the locksmiths and understand their services. There is no need to worry about the locksmiths misusing the keys and information they have about you. And although it is unnecessary to worry about these things, you could hire a reputed locksmith in Brisbane to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Besides, calling a locksmith suggested by your friends or neighbours will be a good idea too.