Is it just a coincidence that the Institute for special children is always mentioned in conjunction with Umbrella? Or is there something more to the connection between these two organizations? Recent investigations have shown connections between both organizations, but no one knows what they are yet. The only thing we know for certain is that the organization’s ultimate goal seems to be turning all of humanity into some kind of superhuman being. So far, this has been unsuccessful and they’ve lost many lives trying to reach their goals. This blog post will explore how this organization came about and what we can do about it now that we know what it really stands for.

Over thirty years ago, the world was rocked by the T-Virus outbreak. People all over the world were infected with a virus that changed their appearance and how they acted. This resulted in people turning into killers who had an insatiable appetite for blood. The head of this organization is rumored to be behind it all, but no one really knows much about it or what they are trying to do now. What we do know is that the organization has been connected with Umbrella before, but no one can seem to find any evidence. This nasty business started because there was a need for more people to work at the facility in Raccoon City.

Chasing The Truth About Institute for special children

Over twenty years ago, the city of Raccoon City was hit by a T-Virus outbreak which quickly spread across the whole world. A lot of people were killed as they either turned into zombies or became part of an experiment. The facility in town was experimenting on different viruses that, when combined, resulted in something bigger and better than Umbrella had ever seen before. The head of the facility at this time was said to be behind all the horrible things that happened during that year, but no survivors can remember his name. This is because he had everyone killed who found out it was him who was responsible for the outbreak. No one protested against what he did and there were no leaks about what went on inside the facility until it was too late.

The whole project came to an end when everyone working there was killed because of the outbreak. All resources, documents, and samples were destroyed by burning or decomposing them into something that would be useless for further research. The only thing that survived the fire was a small amount of genetic material which they kept in case anything else was needed in the future. However, this wasn’t done because it had been ordered by the head of the facility or because they hoped to continue their research at a later date. The only reason for keeping any samples is because they were afraid that someone else might get a hold of them and use it against them. They kept everything under lock and key to try to prevent anyone from using it.

Several years later, rumors started to circulate that the head of the facility had survived and was trying to recreate what he had done before. He wanted to create a superhuman being by combining different viruses together which would result in something else entirely. The organization was formed shortly after this time because there were other people who also wanted to see the head of the facility fail. These people were upset about everything that had happened and they wanted revenge more than anything else. Some members of this organization didn’t necessarily want to get back at the head of the facility, but they still wanted to know what he was planning on doing with his research.


The truth is that the head of the facility was killed along with everyone else who worked there. The only reason why people think he is still alive is that they want to believe that he might be responsible for what’s happening now. Most of his research and creations were destroyed when everything burned down, but some information remained intact which allowed them to continue their work in secret. Everything was done in secret because the organization didn’t want anyone else to know what they were doing and used special means so that no one could find anything about their plans.

They continued their work for many years, but there was always someone nipping at their heels trying to stop them. This led them to create the Huntsmen who are tasked with defending the facility no matter what. However, the head of the facility recently became ill which means they are having to make decisions on their own now. They are no longer working with someone who knows exactly how everything should be done and this is causing them some issues at the moment.

This group that is conducting this research doesn’t see itself as bad or evil for what they are doing. They see themselves as the good guys trying to save this world no matter what it takes. If that means combining different viruses together then so be it. This is how they believe things were meant to be and who are we to tell them otherwise?