Coffee! The magic potion that everyone loves to start their day with. All along with the globe, Coffee is the top trending drink to kick start your day. Coffee boxes are a significant selling item in grocery stores. There is a variation of Coffee for everyone. Some people prefer dark and intense flavor over a milky, frothy concoction. Nevertheless, it transforms a plain dull day into a world of wonderful opportunities. The magic ingredient is caffeine, and Coffee is loaded with it.

Coffee boxes

They come in cardboard mostly and the reason is simple. Cardboard is a hard material and keeps the contents secure during transportation. There is one thing to consider, though, while packing Coffee in a cardboard coffee box.

They are susceptible to absorb water. The solution?

Water Resistant Packing

When you are packing your coffee beans (or powder), think of ways to make the packaging waterproof. Because water will definitely spoil it, you can find a few options in the market. Search your dealers to know more about packing in water-resistant material and you will be surprised how many answers you get.

In most cases, the subscription box is cardboard, while the inner packing in waterproof wrapping.

Fifty shades of Coffee

  • Beans
  • Some people prefer coffee beans.
  • They like to brew it and enjoy the taste and aroma of brewing.
  • Roasted

Roasted coffee beans are also quite popular.

  • Ground
  • Easiest to make.
  • Just mix it in hot water, milk or soy milk, etc. it is for those instant kicks when you are in a rush.

Subscription Coffee Boxes 

Subscription coffee packaging is trending in the new world and you don’t have to buy from a store if you are an avid coffee drinker. There are coffee brewing companies who deliver your favorite Coffee at the door. You can opt for a monthly subscription or buy whenever you are out of stock.

Some companies provide you with a quiz to understand your coffee taste and recommend the most suited Coffee for you. Isn’t that cool?

Customizing is Power Play

Own the brand. Customizing your coffe packaging will benefit your company. Customizing is becoming a mandatory step in business planning now because It brings excitement and variety. The unboxing experience your customer lives in is what earns you respect from your followers.

Let your creative team play with colors, logos, boxes, and everything else relating to packaging.

Packaging: A Growing Industry

The packaging industry has grown substantially over the past decade and now people prefer buying online and receive their goods at the doorstep. It is because it saves them time and effort of driving through heavy traffic and scanning the store aisles.

It is utterly suitable to get what you need with just a simple click on the computer. This has brought in a new sector which is carpeting all online/offline purchases. Indeed the packaging is at the heart of all traditional and virtual markets.

·         Subscription boxes

  1. With the growing demand for Coffee, most coffee firms are now offering subscription packs to their loyal customers.  You must be thinking What is a subscription box, you ask?
  2. Well, it is your monthly/weekly/on-demand coffee supply wrapped up neatly in a box and delivered to your door.
  3. It is an excellent option for those who want something premium for their Coffee, not just an over-the-shelf coffee jar.
  4. What’s great about it? Everything. You buy a package with the company, and they keep delivering your packages till you unsubscribe.

·         Multi-layer packaging

Coffee is sensitive to moisture, humidity, oxygen, and other factors and it is vital to seal it perfectly so that nothing goes in or out unless it is voluntary. For this reason, aluminum, polyethylene, and such multi-laminations are used in packing Coffee. These materials secure the Coffee inside from any external factors which can affect the taste.

·         Glass & Coffee go well together.

Glass packaging has certain elegance to it. It secures and perfectly seals the coffee beans. It is hard and, when customized, can come out pretty pleasing to the eyes. The packaging glass is comparatively difficult to break unless a considerable force is applied to it.

Looking at the coffee beans inside a glass jar brings a certain satisfaction to the soul. A peace of mind that we can see what we bought.


·         Pack it in a tin

Tin packing is liked much in the tea and coffee boxes industry. It is hard, durable, and reusable. The tin boxes can be used at home to store something else.


1.       Reseal-able packing is appreciated.

Using a reseal able design in packing your coffee beans can help your customer store the Coffee after use. This design is likable in another food packing as well. It is convenient for them to seal off the remaining contents of the pack without worrying about spoiling it.


·         Eco-friendly packing

People are growing conscious of their planet. They appreciate any effort you make in helping our environment. Eco-friendly packing has increased in demand over the years. It gives your users a message of responsibility on your behalf. It urges them to do their part in improving the environment we breathe in.

So why don’t you get your coffe box for your brand? You must be thinking these trendy patterns are costly? But do you know from coffe boxes wholesale you can get it at affordable rtes.

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