Coffee Destoner

When the coffee reaches harvest maturity on the tree, it is conveyed to the sorting, screening and washing units. First of all, green coffee beans are purified from foreign substances mixed in before entering the roasting process. Although it has entered the washing process, foreign materials such as stone, metal, wooden glass can mix with the beans. The coffee destoner ensures that foreign materials that escape from washing and pre-screening during the production stages are removed from the environment before they enter the machine. After the coffee roaster afterburner process, the coffee beans that remain green are separated with a coffee destoner. And finally, let’s embark on the adventure of the perfect addictive coffee together. In this article, we will answer the questions of “How is coffee roasting done?” and “What is a coffee roasting machine?” in this article.
Coffee Roasting Machine
The fact that coffee has a better quality and delicious aroma is highly related to the climate and the type of coffee it is grown in. Another important trick to obtaining a good and quality coffee is choosing the right coffee roasting machine. For this reason, we must be careful about the preferred coffee roasting machine in order to obtain quality and delicious coffee.
Coffee roasting machine transform the green harvested coffee beans into roasted beans. There are two types of coffee roasters. While one is drum roasting machines, the other is air roasting machines.
In drum machines, the heat is first processed into the drum, and then the coffee roasting process is started. In coffee roasting machines with air system, which is another roasting method, the heat coming from the air continuously mixes and heats the coffee, thus the coffee roasting process is occured.
While it takes 6-7 minutes in air roasting machines, roasting operations performed by drum machines can take up to 20 minutes.

While the drum roasting coffee machine is preferred by macro businesses, micro businesses prefer an air-heated roasting coffee machine.
There are coffee roasting machines used to produce various sizes and different types of coffee. In the coffee roaster afterburner process, the colors of the coffee beans change from green to yellow, light brown and dark brown, and in the last stage, dark brown, according to the roasting time and temperature.
Coffee Grinding Machine
Coffee grinders are a valuable product among coffee equipment that allows you to drink coffee in the freshest form. No matter how high quality and organic your coffee machine and coffee beans are, if the beans are not freshly ground, the flavor of the coffee will not be enough. At this point, coffee grinding machines come into play. Coffee grinding machine models are special designs that make them suitable for the preparation of coffee beans in the coffee machine. Coffee grinders are produced in both types. While the first is domestic type, the other is specially designed for use in businesses. These machines, which you can grind the coffee beans in the amount suitable for the features of the grinder, grind the coffee beans without breaking or burning. This is one of the most important points of the taste of coffee.
The coffee grinder features vary depending on the type of coffee you prefer. For example, for Espresso you need to grind the coffee bean very fine, while for filter coffee you may prefer a medium grind.
Coffee Destoner
After going through many processes, coffee offers us that wonderful taste and aroma. Of course, it goes a long way until it reaches the final consumption point. As is known, coffee beans undergo drying and roasting processes. Due to the quality of the coffee roaster or the type of coffee, from time to time, unroasted coffee beans come to the final consumption point. The process that needs to be done here is to separate the yellowish and green coffees that are not dried and roasted. At this point, coffee destoners come into play. Coffee destoners are used to separate the yellowish and green coffee beans from the fully roasted and dried coffee beans before the coffee reaches the point of consumption.
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