Common mistakes to avoid when choosing a face wash

Our facial skin comes in contact with all sorts of dirt and bacteria through the course of the day. Not to forget the dead skin and sebum build-up. All of this forms a coating on the face. When left unclean every day, it can lead to many skin problems, especially acne issues. 

To keep your skin healthy, you need to have or use a face wash that suits your skin and helps you in keeping it clean. Choosing the right face wash for your skin can be fairly easy. To help you through this, we have made a list of common mistakes that you should know when choosing a face wash for yourself.

  • Not knowing your skin type: This is the most common mistake when choosing a face wash for yourself. Knowing your skin type is the first step towards understanding your skin and its needs. Using a face wash that does not suit your skin type will not just create an imbalance in your skin texture but also not show any good results. Dry skin needs a face wash that is moisture-rich. Oily skin requires a face wash that removes extra oil. A good acne removal face wash is the best face wash for oily skin. Combination & normal skin needs a neutral face wash, while sensitive skin does best with a mild face wash. To check your skin type, you can consult our H&G Skin Expert here or access skin analysis tool for more information.
  • Types of face wash: The market is full of different varieties of face wash serving different purposes. The acne face wash is the best face wash for acne prone skin. The exfoliating face wash is great for deep cleansing. For sensitive skin, anti-ageing face washes work perfectly. Dry skin works best when cream cleansers are used.
  • Changing your face wash too often: We all get bored of using the same things every day and a change can make us feel fresh. But changing your face wash every month or too frequently is not good for your skin. It is a good idea to give a product some time, especially when it is suiting your skin well and has no harsh effects on your skin. Using a new product on your skin too frequently can hamper the healing process done by the previous face wash.
  • Not changing your face wash as per the season: While it is not a good idea to change your face wash every month, it is ideal that you change them as per the season. Different seasons and weather cause our skin to behave differently. And our skin care should adhere to such changes and accordingly provide our skin with what it needs. Summer season and monsoons usually demand a face wash that balances the oil and sebum on our faces. During winters, our skin typically needs a face wash that nourishes the skin. 

Choosing the right face wash for yourself can be quite an easy task provided you keep the above pointers in mind. So, the next time you are looking to pick a face wash for yourself, make sure you look at a variety of products and do not make any of these mistakes.

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