Choosing the right firewood is not like buying coal or any other option of fuel randomly from the market. You must be aware of this fact that the quality of wooden logs differ from each other from the perspective of fuel. Some firewood logs produce a good amount of heat with consistent flame whereas others produce huge amounts of suffocating smoke. Every year, you will find different qualities of firewood from the same Store. It creates several confusions while placing the order. Nobody wants inferior quality firewood especially during the winter season. If your previous experience with a firewood merchant was not satisfactory, we can help in making it better. Here we are and listing some useful tips that will definitely help you in buying the best quality firewood at affordable rates.

Tips to buying the best quality firewood

  1. Always choose deciduous trees

Always choose firewood from deciduous trees only. These are the species known for producing hardwood. If someone is offering ironbark or redgum firewood for sale, consider him a reliable source. Make a list of all deciduous trees that can be  ethically sourced as firewood in your region. The wood of deciduous trees is also ideal for furniture manufacturing because of its high density. 

  1. Place order in cords instead of weight

We recommend placing order in colds instead of referring to weight measurement. The weight of wet redgum firewood for sale will be higher than seasoned firewood. On the basis of weightage factor, a merchant can charge a high price. Moist firewood is heavier than dry firewood and it is not suitable for burning as fuel. Cord on the other hand, is measured in dimensions. A stack of 4X4X8 feet is considered as a cord in the business of firewood. Orders placed in volume instead of weight will prevent you from getting cheated.

  1. Gain some information regarding the firewood features

On the website of a firewood merchant, you will get information about all available variants. For instance, if they are offering redgum firewood for sale, gain information about its features online. This includes the colour, texture, aroma and weight of a wooden log. Every wood differs on the basis of these characteristics. A few minutes is spent on studying the characteristics that will help you in preventing fraud from firewood suppliers. 

  1. Get ready for alternative sources

Always get ready to choose from alternative sources if satisfactory firewood stock is not available at the merchant’s godown. Here are some reliable alternatives to consider:-

  1. Sawmill

While seeking alternatives to firewood stores, consider sawmill at your first priority. They always use well-seasoned timber for furniture manufacturing. a lot of the residue remains behind during the processing of large wooden logs. It might be waste material for a sawmill but a great source fuel for firewood seekers. 

  1. Personal property

Your personal property can be the cheapest source for arranging firewood. Figure out a deciduous tree standing in your property suitable for firewood purposes. Get a chainsaw on rent or hire someone to cut it down into small pieces. Make sure that you are allowing at least two months for proper seasoning before utilising it as fuel. 

  1. Eco firewood

This is an eco-friendly alternative to the conventional firewood sources. Instead of cutting a tree, eco firewood is manufactured by processing the biodegradable waste material like paddy straws and sawdust. 

This information is enough to educate you with the most reliable sources of firewood. While ordering online, don’t forget to make sure that they are providing free delivery with quality satisfaction guarantee.