Extreme Canopy

Custom canopy tents are a boon to outdoor events like outdoor sports and trade exhibitions. The sun can be unforgiving at times, particularly in summer. And you never know when the rain will come down and mar things in the rainy season. But we cannot have all our events indoors, can we? We need the fresh air outside and the great outdoors have the power to heal our souls.

With canopy tents around, you and your guests have much-needed shelter from the sun and the rain, ready at your disposal. They are super-easy to install, lightweight, waterproof, and block the harmful UV radiations in sunlight. What’s more? Custom canopies, as the name suggests, can be heavily customized for your event and brand.

If you are a business owner, it is always a good idea to advertise your brand. People tend to attend outdoor events in large numbers. With a bit of clever brand promotion, you can reach a wide audience in all such events.

What’s a sure-shot way of doing that? Ask your custom canopy manufacturer to print your brand logo on your canopy. You can also buy your canopy in your favorite colors or colors that accurately represent your brand. For added impact, you can use accessories like the detachable valance or peak flag.

Our testers went ahead and tested a bunch of custom canopies so that you can decide which canopy suits your purpose the best. Here we have the winners for you.

  1. The X5 Explorer Recreational Range from Extreme Canopy

Our testers loved this product from Extreme Canopy. It is tough and elegant at the same time. The range comes in the following size options:

  • ·         10’ x 10’
  • ·         10’ x 15’
  • ·         10’ x 20’

The frame is made of powder coated steel that is sure to last you a very long time. The 1.75” leg profile is unique in its class. You can adjust the height of the tent pretty easily with a push-button glide mechanism. The connectors are made of molded nylon for added strength and structural integrity. Solid steel truss bars add to the structural integrity and steel foot-plates make sure that your custom canopy stays put even in windy conditions.

The canopy is made from polyester and you have two options to choose from:

  1. ·         500D PVC coated polyester
  2. ·         600D PU coated polyester

The fabric is UV and waterproof. Winds are not a problem for this material. What’s more? The fabric is fire resistant and it comes with a 1-warranty. That’s what we call an all-rounder! You can choose from a huge assortment of colors and printing packages to customise your canopy for your own brand.

  1. The X6 Velocity Range from Extreme Canopy, Australia

The X6 velocity range builds on the X5 range in terms of sturdiness. For example, in place of nylon connectors, you have reinforced aluminium connectors in the X6 range. A powder coated steel frame, commercial grade foot plates and ribbed truss bars give this custom canopy range unmatched structural integrity. The canopy comes with a 1-year warranty, and the material used to manufacture the canopy is UV, water and fire resistant. Size options for this canopy range are:

  •         8’x8’
  •         10’x10’
  •         10’x15’
  •         10’x20’

What about customizing your canopy? Extreme Canopy offers you a large variety of colors to choose from. You can also choose a printing package to customize your canopy with your brand logo.

  1. The X7 Tectonic Range from Extreme Canopy, Australia

So, you are looking for a custom canopy strong enough to carry the weight of a car? You can have it in the form of the X7 range. This product is impressive to say the least! It has all the standard features of the previous two ranges plus some extra. Take, for instance, the 2.25” thick marine grade aluminum legs and the 36x18mm ribbed aluminum truss bars. Do they beef up the structural integrity of the canopy!

There’s a cool centre-pole spring to automatically set the tension of the roof canopy. This helps in better water run-off. The canopy is made from 500D PVC or 600D PU coated polyester, which makes it UV and water proof, and fire retardant at the same time. You can have your custom canopy in your favourite colour. Extreme Canopy lets you choose from a wide range of colour options and printing packages so that you can have your custom canopy tailor made for your brand. Available size options are:

  • ·         10’x10’
  • ·         10’x15’
  • ·         10’x20’
  • ·         13’x13’
  • ·         13’x20’
  • ·         13’x26’
  • ·         16’x16’
  • ·         20’x20’

An upgrade on the X7 range is the Q8 Quasar Range from the same manufacturer.

There’s a whole bunch of accessories to go with your custom canopy.

  •         The Wall: You can go for a full wall, a wall with a door, a full wall with a window or a half wall. Walls are available in a wide range of colours and you can have them custom printed to suit your brand.
  •         The Printed Table Cover: This is one accessory that can really ramp up the ambience of your custom canopy. If you have a bunch of merchandise to display in your pavilion, use the printed table cover with the standard PVC table. Make sure that your table cover is branded for your business and make a lasting impression among the visitors.
  •         Weights: Sandbags and water weights help in stabilizing your canopy, particularly in windy conditions. They are easy to use and can be emptied and stored away when not in use. You can use weight plates for additional support.
  •         The Pull Up Banner: We have already mentioned the peak flag and the detachable valance to go with your custom canopy tent. Add more appeal to your pavilion with the pull up banner. Let more people know about your brand’s vision, mission and products with this cool accessory.


The custom canopy is a simple but effective accessory that serves as a temporary shade solution and a brand promotion tool at the same time. Needless to say, it has revolutionized outdoor events with its versatile nature.