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The perception of boxing gloves as a piece of brutal and hostile equipment is popular, but there is surely more to the beautiful game behind this apparently violent gear. It involves patience, strategy, and precision in addition to causing the maximum damage to your adversary. 

Boxing has hazards, just like any contact sport, but when performed in a safe and professional setting and with the correct gloves, the possibility of injury automatically reduces. 

Read this blog as we debunk some of the most popular myths attached to boxing gear. 

All Boxing Gloves Are The Same

The non-athletic people think that every single glove looks the same and there is no apparent difference. However, this is wrong. They come in different styles and sizes based on the level of the user. Let’s look into some of the gear:

Training Gloves

Training gloves are the best for team practices and hefty punch bag training. A tight ruched or hook-and-loop clasp (Velcro wrap) around the cuff provides excellent strength, and a thicker foam covering resists pressure. 

Premium training gloves are often made of leather, but neoprene is also a great alternative for durability. The most crucial pair of gloves in a boxer’s collection, training gloves, guard the knuckles, hands, and wrists during rigorous workouts. 

Bag Gloves

Bag gloves are among the simplest glove designs and are used for the hefty punching bags skill development. Because there is minimal wrist protection and thin padding, fighters can strike with greater resilience in their hands and arms. Instead of leather, neoprene is most commonly used to make them.

The thinner covering in the bag of boxing gloves helps the athlete to concentrate more on their technique improvement than merely the defence.   

While concentrating on technique improvement is made easier by the lack of padding, less protection from damage results. A more sturdy and flexible training glove is advised for beginners or any fighter who wants to go all out on the punching bags.

Competition Gloves

The competition gloves are utilized in Muay Thai competitions, kickboxing tournaments and other major international competitions. 

Professional boxing matches employ competition boxing gloves, also referred to as boxing gloves. Competition gloves have to conform to professional boxing regulations and must weigh around 8 oz or 10 oz based on the standards of the enterprise funding the match. 

Competition gloves mostly feature a lace-up style, are designed with hard padding, and are usually lighter than non-competition gloves.

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This specific boxing gear features a lightweight style that caters perfectly to the quick and strategic movements of the boxers. If you are fervent about pursuing boxing professionally, we suggest you invest in them right now for effective prospects. Why?

Because it helps optimize your capacity to tackle the opponent, the firm stuffing inside the gloves assists in imposing maximum damage on your opponent. Although you will have to compromise on the softness that comes with the thin padding, you don’t want to lose a battle just because of a soft feeling. 

Touching Boxing Equipment Mid-fight Is a Sign Of Weakness

It is popularly known that fist fights originated with boxing, and some people even say they are similar. Still, casual hand combat can never match the intensity of a competition where one has to wear a hefty leather boxing gear.

And with that bulky gear, it is almost impossible to do a formal handshake before starting the match, which is why the competitors do fist bumps. This is why people consider fist bumps as equivalent to boxing which is not true. 

A certain group of people think the hand bumps are a sign of fragility because it shows the softer side of the athletes. This group thinks that nodding at your opponent for reassurance is also a weakness. But it has no solid argument to it. 

Touching your opponent’s gloves before a fight has got nothing to do with the winning or losing attitude. And many successful boxers have proven it time and again that it is nothing but sportsmanship. 

According to this myth, the sportsmen who touch boxing gloves or nod at their opponents are losers, but history proves otherwise. 

Manny Pacquiao, the greatest boxer in the world and a welterweight, often brushes gloves with his challengers and frequently nods at them after successful punches. 

If that myth is held true, Pacquiao should have the least number of victories, but it seems otherwise looking at his records. 

Heavy Boxing Gloves Are For Men Only

A common misconception among laymen is that women don’t require heavily padded or bulky gloves because of their femininity which has no logical basis since the size of the gloves is entirely dependent on the body weight and mass.

People have always associated sports, especially boxing, with men because it is all about power and technique; somehow, women cannot do it. 

It is high time that we start debunking this myth that women cannot do boxing or need feathery, delicately designed gloves because they won’t be able to handle the heavy ones. 

Whether you’re a male or female boxing enthusiast, Infinitude Fight has got you covered with their authentic leather boxing gloves. You can also get custom-built gear as per your liking and fighting level. 


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