Previously we used to have large storage drives that could store only a few kilobytes of data. And nowadays, we can store terabytes of data in a hard drive as small as a chocolate bar. This abundance of space has been beneficial for us since we store a lot of files, folders, and videos on our PC. We even keep lots of digital copies of our important documents.

However, computers are electronic devices and are prone to malfunction. For a lot of reasons, your files may get deleted. Or you accidentally deleted some of your files by yourself.

However, there is no need to panic if such a thing happens. As long as you have the right data recovery software and know how to operate it, you can recover any deleted file from your PC. That is what this guide is all about. We will tell you about the common reasons behind data loss and how you can fix it using free data recovery software.

Common Reasons for Data Loss

Data loss is a problem that is encountered by a lot of people. You try to look for a file on your PC or USB drive but cannot find it. Your data gets deleted, destroyed, or it becomes unreadable by some user or software. Why does it happen? Let us take a look.

Human Error

We are not perfect. So, we human beings are prone to making mistakes. Some of us have to work with a lot of data. So, there are times where we can lose data because of our mistakes.

We may delete an important file or folder when we are emptying the space of our hard drive. If you delete it permanently without having a backup, then you will have a hard time recovering it.

Plus, we may be responsible for some physical damage as well. Say you are drinking something, and you suddenly spill your cup. If you are working on a laptop, that liquid will pass through the keyboard and damage the internal parts, maybe even your hard drive. Liquids cause electronic devices to short circuit, which may cause them to get damaged beyond repair. So, if your hard drive is badly damaged, you will lose your data.


A massive reason for which files and folders can become unreadable or even get deleted is because of malicious programs. If your computer gets infected by a virus, you may lose all your data as they can get deleted.

Damaged Hard Disk

Your hard drive can get damaged with use. When a hard disk has been used too many times, it can form some bad sectors. And any data located in these bad sectors can get damaged or unreadable.

This is something you are not able to control. So, if you don’t have any backup of those files, you may lose them.

Any form of overheating and mishandling can also damage the components of your hard drive.

Interruptions During Transfer

If your transfer process gets interrupted, you may lose your data.

When you are moving a file from one location to another (Cut + paste), then any form of interruption can cause the file to get deleted from both the source and destination path. When you are transferring a file or folder from one device to another via a wire, it can get deleted if the wire gets loose.

Data loss can even happen if you are copying a file. If the process gets interrupted somehow, like if the computer crashes or the wire gets disconnected, the file can get deleted.

Common Ways to Recover Lost Data

There are several common data recovery techniques and strategies that you can employ to ensure that you never lose your important files.

The most important thing that you should do is to back up all your data. You should store your important files and folders in multiple locations. For example, you can keep your family photos on your hard drive, a DVD and even upload them to the cloud. So even if you lose a single copy, the backups will have your back.

If you have deleted your data accidentally, check the Recycle Bin once. There is a chance that your deleted items are located there. If you want to restore that file, simply right-click on the file and click on Restore. For macOS devices, check your Trash for deleted files.

If your hard drive gets physically damaged, take it to a professional who provides data recovery services. They might be able to get back your lost and unreadable files.

Using CMD commands such as CHKDSK might help as well. It scans an entire hard drive partition and recovers all the deleted files that it can find.

To use the CHKDSK command, type the following command after running CMD as an administrator.

chkdsk ‘drive letter’ /f

Then press Y

Then, you need to enter the drive letter once again and press Enter.

Type the following command to start recovering all the deleted files that CHKDSK found out.

drive letter : \ >attrib –h –r –s /s /d *.*

CHKDSK might be effective, but there are a few drawbacks.

  • It can only check and repair logical disk errors.
  • It cannot check network drives
  • If you don’t know how each attribute works, using them can become hard.
  • You can lose data in your hard drive if you open any file or folder when running CHKDSK.

So, CHKDSK is not perfect and will not recover all your deleted files. In such a case, you will need a free hard drive recovery software.

How to Recover Lost Data with Wondershare Recoverit

Wondershare Recoverit is a free data recovery software that can recover deleted files from any device.

Here are the steps you need to follow to perform free data recovery using Wondershare Recoverit.

Step 1: Launch Wondershare Recoverit and select the partition from where you want to recover deleted files.

get deleted files

After selecting the location, click on Start.

Step 2: Now, Recoverit will start scanning for all the files that can be recovered from your hard drive.

The coolest thing about Recoverit is that you can use the various available filters to pinpoint exactly the files you want. Plus, it shows you the real-time results of the scan. So, as soon as you see your file(s) in the result, you can pause or stop the scanning process.

This saves you a lot of time.

get deleted files

Step 3: Once you have completed scanning the files, click on Recover. After that, Recoverit allows you to see a preview of the file by either clicking on Preview or double-clicking it.

If you like the preview, then once again, click on Recover. Recoverit will ask for a location where it will save the recovered file.

get deleted files

After selecting the save location from the pop-up window, once again, click on Recover.

And that is how you can recover all your lost data using the best data recovery software on the market.

Tips to Avoid Data Loss

Losing your important data can be devastating. So, you should take precautionary measures so that you don’t lose your data in the first place.

  • Frequently backup your important data in multiple locations.
  • Upload your files and folders in the cloud.
  • Use good quality antivirus software to prevent malware attacks.
  • Use a UPS to prevent sudden power loss and interruption.
  • There are a lot of Data Loss Prevention tools and services that are provided by some companies like Microsoft and McAfee. These tools ensure that you follow all data safety guidelines and protect sensitive documents.

Closing Words

Data loss is an issue a lot of users face daily. There are several reasons why you may lose all your important data. So, it is important to take preventive measures to ensure that you do not lose them. And even if you lose them, you can still recover all your important files using Wondershare Recoverit.


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