Detailed Notes on dog boarding chiang mai

How do I knowifPet BoardingorPet Day CareIsthe right choicefor me?

  • I’min the market for acage-freespace for my pet

  • I’min search ofan affordable, personal carefor mypet

  • My pet isaffectionateand lovesto playwith other pets.

  • I’mlooking for a safe, loving alternative topet hotel

  • I have a senior pet thathas specialrequirements

  • I’m working a full time jobandwould like someonetocare formypetwhen I’m working.

If you have togo away or worklong hours, don’t worrywhether you can leave your dogat home. Have you everthought”Is there a dog boarding chiang mai that can help?”.Luckily, withPetBacker, you can easilylocate reliable, localdog boardingservices fromChiang Mai.

AtPetBacker we’reour own dog-lovers, so we understandhow difficult it istoconsiderthe place your dog will bein case you have to traveloutfrom town.Dog boarding kennels mightnotbe the most suitableoption as they can oftenbefar away, crowded, or unable to manageyour dog’s needs individually.

Thank goodness,PetBackerhelps you find apet sitterChiang Mai easy and stress free.Pet sitters on our listmust go through a strict screeningprocess and when they offerdog boarding, theyhave to include photosof theirhomesso that you can reallybe able to see where your dog is going tobestaying.Each sitter is verified individuallyviaour trust andsafetyteam. They also includefeedback from fellow pet owners intheirprofiles.Above all else you can be surethatthey’ll loveyourdog asthat you do during theirdog’s stay at the boarding facility.

Theadvantages of havingaPetBackerpet sitter are that you can rest assuredyourpetis able to stay in a settingas similar to that you provideat home and receivelots of affection and cuddles.In addition, our friendlyChiang Mai dog boarding sitters areextremely flexible and willbe willing to follow any routines,particular instructions or demandsyour dog may have. This isessentialfor dogsas they canfeel a bit unsureabout being away fromhomefor the first time so having aroutine andan environment that is familiar to them(likean alternative homethat is locatedChiang Mai) will make thedog boarding experience verypositivefor them.

If yourpet is a couch potatoandwould rather stayin the house all day long theChiang Mai PetBackerpet sitter willhappily indulge them with lotsof belly rubsduring theirdog’s boarding.Ifyourdoglikes being activeandpreferstowalk on a regular basisandplay with a ballyour pet sitter canaccommodate that as well!Imagine dog boarding withanPetBackerand sitter as an opportunityfor yourdog to experiencetheir own vacation.

PetBacker sitters are charged a fairfee that includes updates on a daily basis with unlimited cuddles, playtime and cuddles.You don’t havetoworry about the priceoradditional fees for thoseservices. Thisallows us to provide our pet boarding servicesaneconomical alternative to traditionalgrooming kennels, where you couldbe chargedextra perrequest.

You can alsotravel withoutanxiety as all dog boardingbookings onPetBacker areprotectedwith our premium insurance policy and24/7 customer service. Thisgives you and thepet sitter security throughoutthe entireprocess of booking a dog’s boarding.

Our PetBackersitters are fromdiversebackgrounds and many are professionalsin the field of pet carethemselves.We have pet sitters thatvary from nurses and vets to dog trainers as well asrescue volunteers. Withthis varietyofskills it is likely that you willfind a pet sitter who willsatisfy your dog’s requirements.

Are you someone with apassionfordogs , and a hometo be a part of?Why not consider beingan animal sitter forPetBackeratChiang Mai and offering dogboard options on your own? Weprovide 24 hour customer support, insurance, andtheflexibility. Youget to choosewhich days and hours ofboard work you’d liketoget. Theprocess for applying is simpleandwe arealwaysseeking new sitters inChiang Mai to be a part of the PetBacker team.

Pet ownersbookDog Boarding in Chiang MaithroughPetBacker.More than 12 pet owners fromChiang Mai have left a review,withan averagerating of4.9/5.The payment method is safe and secure.PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whypet owners book viaPetBackerand notPet Hotels or freelance pet sitters?
    PetBackerinChiang Mai provides a cagethat is free foryour pet. It is a pet-friendly facilitytogether with payment protection,insurance , and customer serviceto ensureyourpet iswelltaken care of and safe. We alsoassure their credibilitybyrequiring them to submittheirID before beingaccepted.Additional features for pets include timestoreceive photos or videoupdates and monitoring your dog’s walktomake sure your dog iswalking around the neighborhood. If youbookthroughthe Pet SitterthroughPetBackeryou’ll getdiscounts onfuture bookingsas well as assistthe Pet Sitterachieve more frequentclient statistics. What is PetBacker?
    PetBacker is atop multinationalpetbusiness withthe presence of 50 countriesfor petownersto share theirlove ofpets, and to find reliablepetSitters withthousands of nights of stayed.Pet stays viaPetBacker arecoveredby insurance andan elite support staffat your side.

  • Who are therecommendedPet Sitters in Chiang Mai?
    Recommendedpet sitters listedon PetBacker arebeing evaluatedfrom the public.Click here to readthe reviews and pricefor thePet Sitters in Chiang Maithat include yngyththth, maggie, Harley&.Book viaPetBackerto guarantee security andfree insurance against pet injuries.

  • Whatexactly is the Dog WalkingMonitoring feature?
    This featurelets youobserve your dog’s journeyfor walks in real-timein a map. It also showshowmany timesyour dog haspoopedor peed, to ensure it’sgetting the most enjoyment out of its outdoor time.

Why is paying viaPetBackersafer thanstraight toPet Sitter?
If you make a payment throughPetBacker yourpayment is securedandwill only begiventowardsPet Sitters when the jobis successfully completed.The refund can alsobeissued if the jobdid not go as plannedby thePet Sitter.

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