Valentine’s week is that time of the year when there’s the only celebration of love that’s happening around. Even though the celebration comes every year, the excitement for Valentine’s day and gifts remain the same. People ranging from all age groups buy Valentine day gifts rose, chocolates, cuddle toys, and loads more things. But in the end, what matters is to choose the right thing that makes sure your feelings are expressed correctly. This is why it’s important to understand the significance of every rose color so that while gifting a rose on Valentine’s day, it leads in the correct way. And honestly, there is a lot you can say with a rose as long as you know its significance.

Here’s what different rose colors signify:

Red Rose

When it’s about love or Valentine day gift rose, red is the first color that strikes our minds and hearts. A red rose is always on the top rank on the list of Valentine’s day gifts from lovers to their dear ones. This color rose is not just beautiful but also holds major importance in expressing love. A classic rose color that defines deep emotions and a never-ending romance altogether. When words fail, the red rose says it all. Red-colored roses indicate love in every form and thus are a top choice amongst lovers during Valentine’s day week. So, if you want to express to someone that you are in love with them completely and dedicatedly, then a red rose bouquet can be the best gift choice for them.

Pink Rose

Pink is the color for expressing gratitude to someone dear to you. If you choose the pink color rose to give someone, then it is implying that you admire them. The pink color rose signifies grace and elegance in a relationship, be it with your friend, family, or colleagues. If you wish to give someone hints on how much you admire them or would like to thank them for something they did for you, then this is the perfect gift. Pink roses don’t just look cute but also ooze out the cuteness in a relationship. Gifting this rose bouquet on valentine’s day will surely bring a big wide smile to your dear one’s face. Want to show respect to someone? Pink roses are the perfect option.

White Rose

You may have probably heard of the saying “White is for the calm,” and that’s totally what white color signifies as well. White’s calm color stands for innocence, peace, calm, and goodness. In addition to that, it also signifies the importance of new beginnings and spirituality in one’s life. So, gifting a white rose to someone on Valentine’s day can be a great idea if you wish to start a new beginning with someone you had a conflict with. A White rose is a perfect gift for a new relationship or to sort out a previous one with your partner or a friend. So, it’s time to buy white roses bulk bouquets and woo away the bitterness in your relationships.

Yellow Rose

Yellow is your friendship color and signifies friendship in the most beautiful ways. The bright and happy color yellow rose is for friendship. If you want to make your friends feel special this Valentine’s week, then a bunch of yellow roses will do wonders for their mood. The yellow rose defines the imperativeness of friendship and the bond you share with them. The yellow rose does not make any sense to any romanticism but underlines the warmth of friendship between two friends. A perfect gift to offer your close friend this upcoming Valentine’s week.

Orange Rose

“I am falling in love with you,” one orange rose, and this message transfers your feeling to that person. Orange rose directly implies the feeling of happiness, passion, and enthusiasm you feel towards the next person. Gifting an orange rose on Valentine’s week is a subtle way of expressing that you feel joyous and happy with them. Not just that, this rose is also associated with desire and attraction. The best part about orange roses is that it shows the mixture of emotions happening in your head. Orange rose is a simple bridge between red and yellow rose significance.

Cream Rose

While we discussed that white symbolizes the color of peace and innocence, the cream rose represents even more subtle feelings. The cream is the correct color when it comes down to expressing thoughtfulness and charm. When you give someone cream colored roses, it is a way of telling them that they are in your conscious mind. In fact, you can never go wrong with cream roses as it is one great way to express the special place they hold in your life. Time to simply make your loved ones smile with cream roses this Valentine’s day.

Lavender Rose

Lavender roses are rare, and so is their significance as well. These roses imply your love at first sight in the most captivating way. It is very less common to be available in stores but is a unique and special way to confess your love. The rare availability of lavender roses makes your loved ones understand the special love—a perfect way to astound the other person with your true emotions.


Every rose color has a different meaning and emotions attached to it. Likewise, different rose colors imply different feelings and meanings. So choose the one that confesses your feelings for you, because the hue of roses conveys a lot of things. Just make sure you choose the best. After all, it’s about your loved ones.

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