Different Types of Fabrics For Sofa Upholstery

There are many different fabrics available for sofas and when you decide that a particular type of fabric is good for your home or you have purchased an expensive piece of furniture, there is little doubt that you will want to know what is the best fabric for sofa upholstery. It could be that one fabric is perfect for you.

As you can see, there are a number of different fabric types for sofa upholstery. Each of these fabrics can provide different benefits to the consumer. Your decorating style and color preferences will play a big role in choosing which fabric you will purchase. But no matter which fabric type you choose, you are going to find that you will be more satisfied with your decision if you consider all of the options above.

Types Of Fabric For Upholstery

Velvet Fabric:

Velvet is one of these fabrics. This type of material will allow the furniture to feel soft to touch and to have a nice look. Velvet is a very common type of fabric for upholstery. It is a very light fabric that is usually used in dining rooms or bedrooms. There are a lot of different colors to choose from with this type of fabric. It can be a little bit hard to keep clean but it will last a long time. There is no fading with this type of fabric either. Most dealers will tell you that this type of fabric will last for years.

Linen Fabric:

Linen is another type of upholstery fabric that you can use on your sofa. This is a more solid type of material that is very durable. It can stand up to a lot of wear and will not tear easily. This type of sofa will look very nice in most homes. It is very affordable and can be used for a long time. It can be a little bit difficult to clean but it can be done. Linen fabrics are the preferred choice in different events and weddings. It is commonly used to create drapes as well as table and chair covers. It’s best to buy linen in bulk since a lot of stores offer linens wholesale.

Leather Fabric:

Leather fabric best for upholstery. This fabric has a tendency to age well and is highly sought after by those who have a higher than average level of income. This type of fabric can be polished to create a shine and can also be stained to mimic the appearance of more expensive materials.

Vinyl Fabric:

Vinyl fabric can withstand high traffic and can hold up to a lot of wear and tear. This does have a tendency to get dirty though and should be cleaned on a regular basis. This fabric can be found in many different styles and is easy to care for. Just a quick swipe of the vacuum and the dirt is history!

Denim Fabric:

The fabric is denim. This type of fabric is also very durable and easy to clean.  If you are planning on upholstering your sofa, this might be the best choice. It will still last long, however, it will look nearly as good as it did the day it was first purchased.

Jute Fabric:

The jute fabric we will discuss is jute. This fabric is actually made from the stalks of a plant. Jute is very strong and durable and is often used. Jute is soft and comfortable to sit on and is perfect for any type of sofa.

Silk Fabric:

This fabric we will talk about is silk. Silk is a very expensive fabric type but is considered one of the most elegant. This fabric can go with just about any type of sofa and usually comes in white. Silk can easily be machine washed and can take stains very well.


If you want to be able to select fabrics that will work well with your sofa, you will need to learn about the types of fabrics for sofa upholstery that are available at Sofa Bed UAE. There are a few different things that you will want to consider. You will first need to choose the type of fabric that you are looking for. Then you will want to think about the color and the patterns that you are interested in.

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