Different types of Maharashtrian Jewellery styles for neck

traditional dress of maharashtra

Maharashtra is rich in traditional heritage and is also known as the land of warriors. Maharashtra consists of a mix of many cultures and ethnicities. It is known as the land of scholars, saints and actors.

They have their own unique customs and practices like the ‘dabba’ system, chawl system and many more and undoubtedly they are famous for all of them.  It is also known for its artistic work which is clearly seen in each and every traditional jewellery of Maharashtra especially in their countless varieties of beautiful necklaces which adorn the neck of every female who wears it. Most of the Maharashtrian jewellery is made in Kolhapur.

The Maharashtrian jewellery is no longer bound only to the Marathis but their tradition and culture has spread all over the world and the people actually love to style the jewellery along with the traditional dress of Maharashtra. A few types of traditional Maharashtrian jewellery are listed below:

Maharashtrian Traditional Jewellery

maharashtrian jewellery

This jewellery piece is known as the Karwari nath or the nose pin. This is a much loved ornament not only by the maharashtrian women but also by the women of various regions and cultures. It is studded with pearl beads known as the Basra Moti. Its beauty is complemented with various stones like ruby or emerald.

jewellery of maharashtra

This jewellery piece is known as the mundavlya. It is a traditional Maharashtrian string of pearl beads or gold beads that frame the face. It is a unisex ornament worn by both the bride and the groom across the forehead.

traditional dress of maharashtra

This jewellery piece is known as the ear chain. Traditionally it was used to provide support to the heavy earrings but these days it has become a fashion statement. These are used not only to support the heavy earrings but also to provide a classic and elegant look. It is available in various styles and even layers. This one is a traditional ear chain made of gold beads and pearl beads.

maharashtra dress

This jewellery piece is known as the Vaaki or the armlet or the bajuband. Its traditional design is flat and is studded with precious stones also traditionally it is worn on both the arms. These days we have a modern version of armlet as well which is worn on one hand.

dress of maharashtra

This necklace is traditionally known as Thusi. It is basically a choker style neckpiece that is woven along with the golden beads. It beautifully adorns the neck of a woman.

mohan mala maharashtra jewellery

This neckpiece is traditionally known as the Mohan Mala. Is a long beaded necklace with gold beads having many layers. The layers are usually between 2-8.

lakshmi haar maharashtra

This necklace is known as the Lakshmi Haar or the Temple necklace or the Coin necklace. The necklace is made up of coins with very detailed carvings of lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi.

kolhapuri saaj maharashtra

This neckpiece is known as the Kolhapuri Saaj. It is very well known among the maharashtrian women and the importance of this necklace is equivalent to that of the mangalsutra. It is made up of gold beads and twenty one leaf shaped pendants each of them well known for having their own meaning.

rani haar maharashtra

This neckpiece is known as the Rani Haar. It is basically a long pearl necklace which comprises of three layers of pearl strings with a heavy pendant in the middle of each of them. It complements very well with the traditional Maharashtrian style saree.

This neckpiece is known as the Saaz. It is a long studded necklace with a harmonizing pendant. The surrounding of the necklace is made up of chunky gold beads.


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