A wide variety of rental properties may be found all around the globe. Investors may still discover a residential rental property with low risk and great payoff despite the general situation of the real estate market.

It’s a proven truth that certain kinds of rental properties are preferable to others for investors. Various rental properties will be examined, and tips on choosing the ideal investment property for you will be provided.

Typical Forms of Rental Real Estate

There are several kinds of rental property to choose from if you want to invest in it. The following are the most prevalent kinds of rental properties:

  • Separate properties that are not part of a larger community
  • High-end rental property designed for the affluent market
  • Airbnb and VRBO are two services that let you rent out vacation properties for a short period.
  • There are privately owned apartments in a building with several tenants, such as condominiums and cooperatives.
  • Duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes are examples of small multifamily structures.

There are a variety of ways to develop apartment complexes.

In addition to the main kinds, there are several subtypes of rental properties.

The 3 Most Popular Rental Property Types


Do serviced apartments and houses vary from apartments? A flat, as opposed to a condominium, is a leased living area located inside a residential structure. A one- or two-bedroom apartment is appropriate for a single person or a family. A single residential complex may comprise numerous apartment units, but each one is self-contained and may be either owned or leased. Although a standard apartment should have all of the entire rooms a person needs (such as a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom), some apartments provide additional facilities and conveniences. If you are confused about the choice between apartments and condos then check this guide on renting a condo vs apt.

Small bathrooms and kitchens in studio apartments make them perfect for a single occupant since they only have space for one person to live in one room. A townhouse-style garden apartment is surrounded by greenery, while a multi-story loft structure has many units. Even if alternative flats are now available, most apartment units are still defined as studio flats, best suited for a single person or a small family.

Serviced Apartments

High-end apartments that come with additional services are known as “serviced apartments,” They often come with all the essential facilities of a standard apartment. In other words, the serviced apartment comes with all the amenities you would expect to find in a hotel, such as scheduled cleanings, repairs, housekeeping services, and more.

In addition to the increased room, utilities, privacy, and extended stay, this apartment is excellent for those who want to get the most out of a bargain. Unlike a hotel, a serviced apartment lets you bring your food and relax as you like without charging extra for the use of the amenities. On the other hand, a serviced apartment provides private and shared areas for its residents.


An apartment or detached home may be compared to a city villa, although the latter’s features and amenities tend to be more luxurious. A city villa is distinct from other rental properties in that it has a garden, a pool, and other amenities often seen in hotels.

As a bonus, a villa usually has a private pool and jacuzzi and access to the villa’s other amenities such as the golf course, tennis courts, basketball court, beach, and fitness center. For an opulent stay, several city villas provide in-house employees and services. It is essential to consider factors like proximity to business areas, the layout, and the unit’s size while searching for a new home.


The meanings of the phrases “best” and “good” are very definable and depend on the approach and objectives of the investor. Even if you don’t have much money, real estate investors nonetheless want to earn. It all relies on your investment plan and goals when renting your home. Websites like Rentberry, which provides a wide range of rental properties in Medellin, have a lot to recommend; for a fair price, they can provide you with a secure and comfortable home that meets all your requirements. Rental properties come in many shapes and sizes, and each one has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages.