Big money rush is a recent trading robot, but apparently, it has made a name for itself as one of the leading auto-trading robots available. It helps traders earn a lot of money by trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and has a high success rate of 88%. Because of its popularity, there are many questions surrounding whether it’s legit, has a user-friendly interface, or even a secure and safe platform for investing. You can read a full review of this excellent trading robot at

What Is Big Money Rush?

Big Money Rush is a leading fully automated trading software available online. The trading robot was recently developed in 2020, and it seems like the developers used insight from previously available trading robots to build a far better one. The robot uses sophisticated algorithms powered by artificial intelligence to analyze market data and make well-informed trading decisions. The robot scans the market for profitable trading opportunities based on set parameters and independently activates trades.

Big Money Rush helps traders to have enough time to do other things without stopping their trading session. And the platform is not limited by time and location, which means you can keep trading even while traveling. It also saves time because the robot can complete what would take humans days to do in seconds. In Big Money Rush, you have access to about 200 crypto CFDs, including fiat currencies. Licensed brokers monitor all transactions and processes on the platform.

Is Big Money Rush A Safe Platform For Trading?

Investments involve risks, so every investor wants to ensure that they’re investing in a secure platform. Big Money Rush and its brokers comply with the GDPR, guaranteeing online platforms handle users’ personal and financial data with utmost secrecy. Big Money Rush is also a transparent upfront platform with complete details about charges, commissions, rules, and regulations. The platform protects its users against cyberattacks like hacking, phishing, etc.

4 Tips For Trading With Big Money Rush

1. Start Small

As a first-time investor, or if you’re using the platform for the first time, you should start with the minimum amount, which is $250. You can increase your investment as you become more familiar with how the platform works and gain more experience. The crypto market is erratic, and also, 8 out of 10 trades on the trading platform are booming, which means there’s the possibility of incurring loss instead of making a profit.

2. Set aside your profits

Once you start making profits, withdraw a considerable amount consistently from your earnings. That way, you would have recovered all your investment capital at a point in time, and all that will be left on your Big Money Rush account will be your profits. Since there’s the possibility of loss, even if you lose the funds on your trading account, it won’t be as painful as losing your initial investment.

3. Learn about the cryptocurrency market

Before starting trading, you need to learn about the cryptocurrency market, how it works, variables that influence price changes, and the likes. That way, you can make better, well-informed trading decisions and have a seamless trading experience without contacting the customer support team every time.

4. Start with the demo trading mode

If you are using the trading robot for the first time, you shouldn’t go into live trading sessions immediately. The demo trading mode will help you become more familiar with the platform and how it works, so by the time you trade in live sessions, it will be seamless and without mistakes.