There is no definitive answer to whether or not outdoor lighting increases your home value. Some people believe that well-lit homes are more attractive and inviting, which could lead to a higher selling price. 

Others believe that outdoor lighting is an unnecessary expense that can decrease the value of your home. Ultimately, it is up to the individual homeowner to decide whether or not outdoor lighting is worth the investment. But here are many things to know about outdoor lighting:

One of the most crucial curb appeal upgrades you can make to your home is to install new outdoor lighting by Drainage Pittsylvania County VA. Not only does this give your home a fresh, new look, but it can also increase its value. Here’s how:

  • New outdoor lighting can make your home more visible and inviting from the street. Good lighting can deter crime and make your home more appealing to potential buyers.
  • Outdoor lighting can also highlight your home’s best features and architectural details. Show off your beautiful landscaping, front door, or porch with elegant lighting fixtures. It is a great way to make the best first impression on guests and potential buyers.
  • It makes your home more secure: buyers feel secure when they see that your home is well-lit. It is crucial if you live in a neighborhood that isn’t well-lit.

Installation Process

Here are five ways to install outdoor lighting to increase the value of your home:

  • Pathway lighting: Pathway lighting is a great way to add safety and curb appeal to your home. Pathway lights can get installed along sidewalks, driveways, or any others. You can get the best of it from Landscape Design Caswell County NC.
  • Landscape lighting: Landscape lighting can accentuate your home’s best features and make your yard more inviting. Strategic landscape lighting can also increase the perceived value of your home.
  • Floodlights: They can get used to lighting up dark areas around your home, deter intruders, and make it easier to see if someone is lurking around.
  • Motion sensor lights: Motion sensor lights are another great way to increase security and deter intruders. These lights will turn on when they detect movement and can be a great way to surprise would-be criminals.
  • Step lights: Step lights are a great way to add safety to your home, especially if you have young children or elderly family members. Step lights can get installed on stairs, decks, and other areas where someone might need a little extra light.
  • Use Solar lights: Solar lights are a great way to add outdoor lighting without increasing your bill. They are also easy to install and can get found at most home improvement stores.


The cost of installing outdoor lighting can vary depending on the type of lighting you choose and the amount of work involved. Generally speaking, installing lighting is not a DIY project, so you will need to hire an electrician. 

The cost of hiring an electrician can range from $50 to $100 per hour, so it is crucial to get a few quotes before you decide to hire someone.


Finally, new outdoor lighting can make your home more enjoyable. Enjoy your backyard after sunset with well-placed lighting, or take an evening stroll around the neighborhood with confidence knowing your home is well-lit.

No matter what your reason for installing new outdoor lighting is, it’s sure to increase the value of your home. Talk to a lighting expert of Landscape Design Caswell County NC, and get started on your project.

By Thomas