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Are you getting depressed due to penis size? Have you ever heard about penile increment exercise or medication? If no, then don’t worry as this post is going to reveal everything about you. So just before buying anything let’s have a look at these tSimilar to other body organs, penis size also increases with age. But at a certain age like 18 to 19, it stops growing and gets rigid with penile arteries. After that age, we never bothered about things we eat and our habits. Consequently, we face ambiguity while making our fantasy moments.

But in the age of technology, nothing is impossible. Science is making hands over immortality then it’s not a problem to solve. There are hundreds of medications and exercises which you can perform to make it larger than the previous size and erection power.

Did machines worth it?

The second most appealing question in our mind is what makes machines worth it? Obviously, yes. The mechanical products are a response toward human comfort. Thus if one has male enhancement issues, he can use it.

Nowadays, machines like Quick extender pro are making the best impacts on penile arteries and blood flow. Thus you can use them as your best medication partner. These machines work on your penile arteries and enhance their size. Once the arteries get wider the blood flow becomes slower. The less blood flows the more timing you would get.

What are the best exercises to perform for size increasing?

Well, science does not agree with these arguments that exercise can increase your penis size. But many urologists suggest that having proper exercise and stretching can increase size.

In this exercise you need to follow these steps;

  • Hold the head of the penis with two fingers and pull it toward the top.
  • Hold it in a stretched position for 10 seconds.
  • Now move its direction toward the right side and then follow the same process
  • Also on the left side.
  • Now press the root of the penis with some pressure on the penile arteries.

You have to complete this exercise twice a day for six months. Obviously, it would be increasing your size as well as your erection timings.