Enhance Remote Teamwork

The pandemic led to the rise in popularity of numerous collaborative technological features and apps. One such feature was screen sharing. According to Techopedia, screen sharing is a feature that facilitates users to share their device’s screen with others, i.e., the user provides access to others to see the content present on their Mac or PC’s screen. The feature is used extensively by millions of users all around the globe to demonstrate step-by-step processes and tutorials, host presentations and meetings, etc. It is a great feature that facilitates remotely-working teams to work in an efficient and productive manner.

Even though the feature has been natively present on major operating systems for quite some time, its popularity exploded when people started working remotely from the comfort of their homes. This sudden surge in the usage of screen sharing also paved the way for the development of numerous third-party applications that facilitate users to share their device’s screen with others. Both the major platforms, namely macOS and Windows, offer native screen sharing capabilities to users. Moreover, they also support numerous third-party applications that offer advanced screen-sharing options. This article will shed light on how macOS and Windows users can share their screens with others and how screen sharing helps enhance remote teamwork. Let us get started:

How to Share Your Mac or Windows PC’s Screen:

macOS – if you are a Mac user and are wondering how to screenshare  on Mac, there are numerous methods you can follow. For instance, if you wish to share your Mac’s screen with another device present on the same network, you can opt to use macOS’s native Screen Sharing feature present in the System Preferences app. Besides this, you can also use third-party video conferencing apps like Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, etc.

Windows – Like macOS, Windows also offers users numerous ways to project their PC’s screen using the Wireless Display feature. Besides this, Windows users can also opt to use third-party screen-sharing apps like TeamViewer, Mikogo, Screenleap, etc.

Does Sharing Your Device’s Screen Help Enhance Remote Teamwork?

The screen sharing feature is an exceptional tool that significantly enhances remote teams’ productivity and coordination. Hence, it facilitates better remote teamwork and allows members to collaborate seamlessly. The feature benefits remotely-working teams, enhancing their collaboration and teamwork in numerous ways. Here is an in-depth look into some of the prominent ones:

  • It Facilitates Team Members to Collaborate Seamlessly

Screen sharing is a great feature that facilitates members of a remotely-working team to work together in a coordinated and efficient manner. For instance, if a member is sharing their screen after opening an important document that needs to be reviewed, it allows all the other members present in the virtual meeting to thoroughly go through the content of the document and point out if there is any mistake or if any portion requires changes. Without the availability of the screen sharing feature, the person having the document would have needed to forward the file to each member individually, and each team member would need to review the file separately and provide feedback. This manual method of reviewing, as evident, would not only have been chaotic but also less efficient and more time-consuming. Hence, screen sharing allows every team member to work efficiently and collaborate seamlessly.

  • It Enhances the Team’s Productivity

Screen sharing helps team members get more work done and hence boosts the entire team’s productivity. For instance, most of the video conferencing apps and functionalities facilitate users to share their screens. Moreover, there are options using which every participant can put forth their views and remarks. Hence, screen sharing reduces the need to send back-and-forth emails regarding different aspects of the project. Thus, the feature significantly helps team members save time and allows them to get more work done.

  • It Prevents Team Members from Getting Distracted

Discussing a project whose deadline is around the corner verbally while being on a simple video call can lead to team members forgetting about the discussion and getting distracted because of other tasks. Thus, only having a verbal brainstorming session is not enough. However, with the help of a top-notch screen-sharing tool that allows users to write down their ideas in text or sketch them out on a whiteboard where every team member can see and edit them, team members can stay focused on the task or assignment at hand and work on it with steadfast focus. Besides this, it also allows team members to access the whiteboard at any time and refer to the points regarding which they have doubts or confusion.

Screen sharing is a great tool that significantly benefits remotely-working teams in more ways than one. If you are wondering how to share your Mac or Windows PC’s screen with other individuals to work and collaborate seamlessly, refer to the points mentioned above.