Don’t Buy Fussy Plants If You Aren’t Blessed With A Green Thumb

Many of us love to have plants around the house, for the calm and relaxing tone they set, as well as the clean air they provide. But not everyone can take care of a plant. There are so many house plant varieties, so why would you buy a fussy plant and not care for it? Here are a few suggestions for those without a green thumb.

African Violets

These vibrant flowering plants add a touch of elegant violet to your home. They bloom all year round, which makes the an excellent houseplant. If you’re wondering how often should you water african violets, rest assured because they are generally considered low maintenance. Some even come in special self-watering pots to make them even easier to care for. Just avoid getting cold water on the flowers themselves and you should be fine. 


Sticking to the same color scheme, lavender gives you beautiful flowers and a fragrance that will fill your home. All you need to do is place your lavender plant somewhere that gets a lot of sunlight, and don’t water it too often. It truly is easy to care for and maintain.


These are those miniature plants often found in terrariums, and are very easy to maintain. Make sure they are rotated everyday, and that they get enough light and water. Otherwise, they are carefree and a beautiful addition to any home.


If you have a room that doesn’t get much sunlight but still want to spruce it up with a houseplant, get a pothos. There are several color varieties to choose from, and the plant does better in the shade, making it perfect for that area of your living room that’s always a little darker than the rest of the house. 


Houseplants don’t need to be purely decorative. You can also get yourself potted herbs and keep them at your kitchen windowsill. Besides the aesthetics, you will always have some fresh mint or rosemary on hand for your cooking adventures. Also, herbs keep your kitchen smelling nice. 


Even if you don’t intend to use aloe for the multitude of beauty hacks based on it, the plant is a nice addition to any home. You simply need to keep it in soil that’s on the dry side (aloe is a desert plant) and give it lots of sunlight. Some varieties have thorns, so be careful.

Whichever plant you decide to get, remember that although they aren’t high-maintenance, you shouldn’t neglect it entirely. Research the best way to care for your plants, or ask the shop where you bought them – they are usually able to give you a guideline to follow. Try to avoid difficult and fussy plants because that will discourage you from owning a houseplant at all. Choose plants that don’t require too much attention, and try to pick something that you find visually appealing. After all, you can’t be expected to care for a plant that you don’t like.

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